10 Methods to Prevent Burglars From Accessing Your Store


You’ve put a lot of time, effort, investments, and care into your business. So, when a burglar comes and steals some of those assets, you’re likely feeling quite hurt. Your business may even suffer financially from the theft. To make sure your business remains safe from burglars, consider adding these ten methods to better protect your livelihood.

1. Perimeter Cameras

One of the best ways you can keep your business safe is to up the outdoor security, so the burglars think twice about entering your business. By adding in cameras around the perimeter of your business, you’re letting them know that they’re being watched. If they attempt theft, they will be easily found and persecuted.

2. Cash Register Monitoring

In the event that they make it inside, you’ll want areas where they’re going to be drawn to covered by monitoring. Place a few cameras in storage, by the cash register, and in other places of interest, so that you can record their identity for the police.

3. Get Access To Mobile Monitoring

Phones have become such a practical tool for just about anything. That includes security. There are quite a few surveillance packages out there that allow you to monitor your place of business via your mobile phone. So, when you’re sitting at home, you can regularly check in to make sure everything is running smoothly.

4. Motion Sensors

For businesses that close down for the evening, having motion sensors alert certain security officials could be beneficial in stopping a burglary before it happens. Place them around your building and inside, so all movement is recorded and sent to the right person for action.

5. Monitored Alarms

It isn’t enough to have alarms if no one is around to be alerted. To best protect your business, make sure any and all alarms are placed on a system that alerts someone to the presence of a security risk.

6. Audible Alarms

Another source of prevention is to have alarms that offer an audible signal to scare burglars away. Whether it’s a siren or someone talking, you can shoo them off the property with ease.

7. Window-Break Sensors

In the event that someone breaks a window, your team should be immediately alerted. They’ll know exactly where the burglar broke in, so they can seize them quickly.

8. Door Sensors

If doors are opening in your business when they shouldn’t be, then this sensor can inform your guards about it. A door sensor informs them where the burglar is located for swift action.

9. Image Sensors

When movement is detected, an image can be taken of the person who triggered the movement. If their face doesn’t match up to the database, then the sensor goes off to indicate a problem.

10. Light Alarms

Flashing lights can be an excellent method to ward off burglars who trigger a sensor.