10 Ways To Protect Your Business Over Long Weekends and Holidays


During certain times of the year, there are going to be long weekends or holidays. When these occur, your company becomes more vulnerable to being broken into or being the victim of a theft of some kind. You need the right strategy to protect your goods and other valuables during these times. Here are 10 tips to help you protect your business:

1. Watch Your Displays

Just because you might have nice goods, that does not mean that a long weekend is the time to showcase them. They are perfect bait for someone who is up to no good. When the store is open, feel free to advertise whatever you like. However, you cannot sell over a long weekend when the store is closed, so keep those valuables out of sight.

2. Prevent Employee Theft

Unfortunately, a large ratio of thefts occur by the employees themselves. Even if you do thorough background checks, there is always the chance that someone will steal from you. Make sure that you don’t give employees access during these holidays to prevent temptation and risk.

3. Protect Documents

Your business documents are essential to your company. With that information in the wrong hands, they could steal your identity, run your company credit card up, or sell your secrets to competitors. Eliminate this risk altogether by having any financial or other crucial documents locked up in a safe when you are out for the weekend.

4. Lock Your Computer Systems

One of the biggest threats to businesses today is the computer. With so many devices connected to other networks, it only takes hacking one of your computers to gain access to your phone or other computers as well. Lock them down and use complex passwords that cannot be cracked in a couple of minutes by a pro.

5. Cameras

Being able to call the police or stop a crime when you seeing it unfold is important. In addition, you will have video evidence of it occurring and this will help you with insurance. So invest in cameras in key areas of your business so that you are not left in the dark wondering what is happening.

6. Remote Locking and Unlocking

With certain security apps, you can actually control your doors and lock them right from an app on your phone. This means that you can be anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. If you notice that someone forgot to lock the doors when they closed down the store, you’re only a few moments away from securing your business.

7. Private Security

The human element can add a whole new layer to your security plan. When you have a security team or person on site, you don’t need to worry as much about thieves. They are usually looking for crimes of opportunity, and a building that is not occupied is their first priority.

8. Bars

While it is not very sightly, metal bars are one of the more effective barriers and even deterrents to theft. They take advanced equipment. Most people are not going to go through the risk and effort of sawing off bars unless they are pulling off a heist well into the six or seven figures.

9. Thermal Detection

During the day, security cameras can alert you to dangers of your business. However, during the night hours only thermal vision and infrared detection will actually trip an alarm. These are readily available and not very expensive, all things considered.

10. Survey the Area

Before you close up and head out for the long weekend, take a look around. If you see any suspicious vehicles or activity, make a note of it. Then, be sure to alert the authorities if you feel that you are being targeted or watched.

When it comes to protecting your business, it is one of the most important things you will do with your company. Theft is something that can strike any business at any time. So makes sure you are not leaving your company vulnerable to the issues that long weekends and holidays can cause. Use the tips above and you can enjoy total peace of mind that your security plan is in full effect.