10 Ways How Security App Integration Will Improve Your Business


In today’s world, security is becoming more important than ever. You can’t just rely on good luck to prevent events from happening on your property. If your information, goods, or finances are stolen then it could tank your business overnight or put you in legal trouble. So consider getting an integrated security app which brings you the following major benefits:

Lock and Unlock

Everyone has experienced a time when they simply forgot to lock up whether it was your car, home, or business. When this happens, it can be a hassle to drive all the way back to your business to lock your doors and prevent threats. However, with an app, you simply click a few buttons and you don’t have to stay up all night worrying about what might happen.

Control the Temperature

The temperature in your building has a huge effect on your bottom line. And as a business owner, you need to cut expenses wherever you can. Forgetting to turn the thermostat down can cost you a lot of money over time. Get total control of your energy any time with an app that lets you control it right from your phone or computer.

View Cameras Remotely

Sometimes, you are simply curious to see what is going on on your property. Other times, suspicious activity might have been noticed by your business. In these cases, it helps to have an app that lets you hop into your security cameras so you can investigate the situation and take action if you need to.

Get Alerts on Your Phone

Today, your phone is your wallet, communication device, and security device. You can get alerts right to it at any moment of the day. The alerts can be triggered by whatever you want. It could be an alarm, movement detected, or another metric so that you can stay on top of security all the time.

Communicate With Employees

In today’s world, instant communication is key. This is especially true with your employees. You can send them a quick text or get texts from them within an integrated app. That way, you don’t need to remember to check any other of your platforms.

Save Time

As a business owner, the more efficient you are with your time, the more you can actually grow your business. Don’t waste your valuable time on tasks that are not necessary. Automate your security management with software that does the grunt work for you so you can focus on the higher level.

Save Money

When your cash flow exceeds your expenses, your business is in great shape. However, this is not always a reality. Spending big money here and there for various apps can add up over time. Reduce your expenses by bundling your security into one product that does everything you need.

Protect Customer Data

There are huge consequences to losing customer data or letting it fall into the wrong hands. First of all, your reputation will sink. People will stop trusting you with their information. Furthermore, it could open you up to legal liability and you might get sued which could be financially destructive.

Protect Trade Secrets

Everyone has their own unique secret sauce. If these trade secrets get into the public, you might lose your advantage in the marketplace. When you are communicating, consider the benefit of having encrypted and private communications. This reduces your risk that vital info will get out into the open where anybody could use it.

Prevent Glitches and Mistakes

Integration is something that helps prevent glitches and mistakes. When you have various security technologies, they don’t always talk together like you would think. That is why it is useful to focus on integration at the start to avoid crossing different platforms that might not sync.

When it comes to protecting your business, having an integrated security app is one of the best ways to do it. There are a lot of pitfalls that business owners fall into when trying to set up a security system. However, review the tips above and consider integrating your security approach. That way, you don’t have to worry about what’s happening if you’re out of the office. Instead, you can enjoy total peace of mind.