Alarm Motion Detectors

Invision Security Group offers prompt, trustworthy, and high-quality installation of any surveillance defense software for your commercial territory. Mounting of a modern outdoor security camera system to protect your business, personnel, and property.


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Security system motion detectors are a type of special-purpose software and hardware that reacts to movements in the field of the camera view. These sensors are installed indoors or outdoors to detect the threat of intrusion. It is important not only to install the device but also to make sure of its quality.

This is necessary for the security camera systems to distinguish an intruder from a pet or natural interference. After revealing an intrusion, the sensor sends a notification signal to your management board and then to the serving company. You can even set up this equipment so that the camera records when it sees movement in your office, parking lot, business center outside the territory.

Types of Commercial Motion Sensors

Contemporary motion detectors for outside quarters could be reflective. They emit infrared rays at a definite edge of the view. The reflection of such rays allows determining the distance to the people or a person and revealing any movement in a given zone. There is also an ultrasonic device that detects people using ultrasonic waves.

You may install vibration equipment. Such a security camera system reacts to the vibrations that a person creates outdoors. But this type is not very reliable, especially in seismically active zones.

The most popular motion detectors for commercial use are following:

  • Passive infrared (PIR). It’s a type of sensor that searches for heat and reacts if it determines changes in the street. Body heat is highlighted in a more reddish color and actuators give an intrusion alarm. The software creates a grid when it sees a difference. If an object fills too many cells, then the security camera’s motion detectors reveal it as a threat.
  • Microwave (MW). This option emits reflections and special microwave pulses from objects that are moving. This type covers a large inspection area but is rather expensive and often vulnerable to electrical noise.
  • Dual technology. Dual motion detectors could be mounted to reduce the possibility of false alarms. The detecting tech solutions use several revealing methods here. For example, the microwave type is combined with infrared.

Alarm Motion Detectors

Correct Installation of Outdoor Motion Detector Alarms

The experts must know the specific points for smooth and challenge-free installation. It is important that the video surveillance for business clients works properly and does not crash. It is needed to protect the sensors from false notifications. Installation of thermal detection should be done 10-15 feet, in the shadow. The software can work even if the cloud covers the sun and causes the outdoor temperature to drop. It is best to install burglar alarm systems for businesses in “tight spaces”.

For example, arches or passageways between buildings. The intruder will pass there anyway if he needs to get into a certain place. Consider how villains may enter the building: roof, basement, major entrance, emergency doors.

Points for Motion Detectors System to Ignore Animals

Many outdoor sensors identify domestic or wild animals as potential threats. The alarm goes off, but then you realize that this is a false danger. Such situations can be avoided by placing the business video surveillance higher from the ground (0.8-1.3 meters). Outdoor commercial areas (parking lot, malls outdoor territory, and so on) can be with panel or mesh fences. Cats, raccoons, skunks, and other animals go there. Your lucrative zone may have its own guard dogs.

Many guards release these animals from the leash so that they could freely monitor the area. Also, lower qualitative hardware and software react to the flight of birds. To protect the software from false notifications, the installers slightly raise the cameras. This will “catch” the intruder in height (human). The animal will be in a poorly trapped zone.

There are upgraded sensors with visual intruder alarms verification. Here, the camera finds movement and takes a series of shots (3-5). The data entries are sent for verification to a monitoring center. This is to check the intruder before triggering the notification.

Smart Motion Detectors Installation

A durable installer will take into account many details so that such security software works properly and correctly. If you contact a trusted service for alarm systems in Philadelphia, you will receive a high-quality installation for any perimeter of the building.

Commercial Outdoor Motion Detectors Wireless

Such intrusion alarm systems are small units that can combine light near the gate, the backlight in the yard, and other illumination sources. If the sensors reveal movement, then they turn on all the lights that are connected to the wireless system.

There is also a reverse shutdown function – if there is no movement for a long time, and then the wireless motion detectors outdoors turn off the lighting. The lights in the yard are switched on before the notification is detected.

A team of specialists identifies especially hidden zones in the street area. This is necessary to install a surveillance camera system in passable places and capture more dark ones. The camera is directed to the main entrances and exits, places near trees, along walls and windows. The girth of the sensors must be unique and not overlap with the second or third camera.

Quality Installation: Experienced Team from Philadelphia

Invision Security Group offers prompt, trustworthy, and high-quality installation of any surveillance defense software for your commercial territory. We have expanded our capabilities to offer you the mounting of a modern outdoor security camera system to protect your business, personnel, and property.

Our team works in the Philadelphia Region, the Tri-State Area, and other regions. It installs the required equipment so that you control the work of your company, factory, and other industrial enterprise or small firm.

The company offers the best video surveillance system for small businesses so that you have peace of mind about your commercial zone. An experienced group of installers does the job quickly and efficiently, having previously studied the features of the territory.

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