Alarm Systems in Philadelphia

Alarm Systems in Philadelphia

Alarm Systems in PhiladelphiaKeeping your business safe is one of the most important things you can do, but it isn’t always easy. When you are at work, you can keep an eye on things and respond to any potential issues. After hours, on weekends, during holidays, and other times, however, it can be very difficult. This is why we offer state-of-the-art business alarm systems in Philadelphia and the surrounding area.
We can add anything from a basic alarm system that can notify you and the police of an unauthorized entry to your building, to something much more advanced. Whatever it is you need, our team has the equipment, and experience, needed to get it set up correctly so your company can be protected.

Features of Alarm Systems

When planning out your alarm system, we will work closely with you to determine what types of features you will need. Every business is unique, and we can tailor the system to meet your specific requirements, and your budget. The following are some of the key features that are available for your system:

Break In Detection – If a door or window is broken, it can trigger an alarm.
Timers – You can set your alarm system to activate only during specific hours of the day based on your needs.
Surveillance Cameras – Keep an eye on your business no matter where you happen to be. Also, record what is going on, so you can take action when needed.
Custom Notifications – Set your alarm system to notify the police, fire department, your cell phone, your head of security, or anyone else you would like.
Motion Detectors – We can install motion sensors to make sure nobody is in or around your facility when they shouldn’t be.
Fire Detection & Alarms – Fire detection systems can be included in your alarm system. In the event of a fire, it can notify the fire department for rapid response.
Custom Alarms – You can choose to set your alarms up either as silent alarms that notify you and the police, audible alarms that can help to scare away intruders, or both.
Much More – We can create a custom alarm system for your company based on your unique needs.

These are just the most popular features that are available. If there is anything else you would like your alarm system to do, just let us know. The chances are we can set it up for you with no problem at all. Our team has helped thousands of companies throughout Philadelphia and the Tri-State area, and we would be more than happy to help you too.

Contact Us Today

If you would like to get your custom alarm system set up for your Philadelphia business, please give us a call at 877-933-2288. We can set up a time for one of our security professionals to come out to your business and provide a consultation. We will work closely with you to design the right security alarm system, and then install it around your schedule. We also maintain these advanced alarm systems so you never have to worry about a thing.

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