How Mobile Technology Allows You Take Control Over Your Business

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Technology has come a long way in helping to make our lives easier and safer, and this progress extends into the security system industry. Whether you’re a small business owner or a property manager, ISG makes it easier than ever to give you peace of mind through the most up-to-date mobile technology.

At ISG, we work exclusively with software that allows you to control all facets of your security system remotely on your smartphone. You can oversee each door and entryway in your business and easily lock and unlock a specific door with the touch of a button. With the video section, you can easily view your business from anywhere with live streaming through your security cameras. You can arm and disarm your intrusion systems at any time and can easily manage users who can gain access through your security.

If you aren’t able to manually manage everything yourself due to a busy schedule, the app can take care of everything for you! You can easily create a schedule on the app so that locks and alarms can be set automatically at specific times. The app also has an events section that details each time an entryway is attempted access and you can easy send detailed reports through email.

In addition to its sleek interface, this mobile technology is incredibly user-friendly and easy to use. Most functions can be performed with the touch of a single button, so you won’t have to worry about figuring out a complicated system.

Mobile technology is a game changer for small business owners and property managers alike. Never again will you have to worry if you remembered to lock the door on your way out or if an unwanted visitor is attempting to enter. No matter where you are in the world, peace of mind over your business or properties is at your fingertips.

Mobile Security System Apps Offer True Peace of Mind

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It’s become a common saying among all smartphone users: “There’s an app for that.”

Current home and business security systems are at the forefront of mobile app convenience, allowing individuals to monitor the status of those systems remotely  as well as interact with their alarm systems should the need arise. Thanks to mobile app technology such as the Z-Wave digital monitoring system offered by Invision Security, there are a long list of available features that let users stay in touch with their security systems as long as they have their mobile device.

What kind of uses do mobile apps have when it comes to interacting with your fire alarm or burglar alarm system? One of the most beneficial features that a mobile security app can provide is alerting you of any activity taking place in or near a particular property.

Whether it’s a tripped alarm, an open window, or a text message,  letting you know that your child has come home from school and entered in his or her alarm code, you can keep a tab on what’s going on at home or at work without having to make calls or visists.

This communication between you and your security system can go both ways, too. You can use a mobile security app to arm your system from a distance, or turn off an accidental alarm. You can also view remote video monitoring  from cameras installed in your home or office via your phone, which is great for doing quick spot checks on kids or employees.

Moving past standard burglar and fire alarms, mobile apps also offer advanced home and office automation services that can put you in complete control of your property remotely. Wireless apps are available that can lock and unlock doors, turn lights on or off and even let you adjust your thermostat settings from your smartphone. It’s even possible to install modules for specific electrical outlets that provide you with similar control over appliances and other devices.

Mobile security applications offer the kinds of versatile access control, notification and remote automation services that were previously luxuries of the rich and famous. It’s well worth investigating the benefits of this type of technology for busy families on the go as well as company owners looking for increased efficiency from their current business security systems.

Access Control Systems: The pros outweigh the cons

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Controlling who has access to the sensitive areas of your business has always been an essential part of any overall security system. However, in the post 911 world, such issues take on even greater concerns and greater challenges as matters of privacy, identity theft and Homeland Security also have to be taken into consideration.

Advanced access control systems can do a whole lot more than merely control who has access to your premise or key areas and when that person has access. They can be used to track specific employees, monitor the locations of high-value equipment or assets, and even verify employee hours and attendance records. Such systems can range from the simple and familiar “card keys” to the most advanced biometric systems using thumbprints, hand prints or facial recognition. Integration also means recognizing that in today’s environment, no one security system can do it all. Total security is achieved only with the incorporation of key systems such as intrusion detection, video surveillance and access control. By integrating these separate security systems under a single flexible building automation system, many CEOs have realized lower upfront investments while leveraging considerably more powerful security solutions.

Integration also means recognizing that in today’s environment, no one security system can do it all.

One of the greatest advantages of today’s access control systems is that they can also be “integrated” into a company’s existing IT infrastructure. That means instead of a huge investment in separate hardware and servers to run and monitor the access system, everything is web-based. Security administrators can access, monitor and control the system simply by logging onto any computer with a network or internet connection. However such convenience does not come without its share of challenges

Even a web-based access control system requires ongoing administrative tasks such as adding and deleting users, changing access permissions, providing reports, etc. But since the system can be cloud based and accessed remotely, that also means that it is far more cost effective than it has ever been to assign such tasks to an outside company. When you let qualified professionals handle everything from installing to operating and monitoring your integrated service, you can also be sure that all privacy and homeland security issues are always complied with.

But this may be the best part. While the pros are doing their jobs and ensuring that your premises are secure and your people are safe – you still have access to the system 24/7 anywhere you have an internet connection, not to mention you can receive email alerts, or live video direct to your desktop or smartphone. Which means you receive all the advantages of powerful access to and control of your system without any expensive IT infrastructure or racks full of on-site equipment, while all operation, maintenance, and upgrades are professionally managed over the web by your security provider. That is a proposition that should make any business owner feel a little more secure.