Invision Security Group Partners with Software House

Invision Security Group is pleased to announce its partnership with enterprise security technology provider Software House.  With their impeccable reputation for reliable solutions and their track record of working with the most discerning clientele from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies, it seemed like an ideal match to Invision’s leadership.

“We are very excited to partner with Software House in order to provide our clients with progressive and leading-edge security technologies,” said Dave Charles, VP of Sales & Business Development. “Software House has a rich pedigree as one of the premier industry leaders. Subsequently, we intend to leverage their broad product solution offerings to enhance our portfolio to better serve and protect the interests of our customers in a consistently evolving and dynamic climate.”

“Invision uniquely recognizes the litany of security challenges facing our customers today,” Dave said. “By adding Software House as a key partner,  we are more effectively able to combat these challenges in a more meaningful way.”

About Software House

“With an open architecture and unsurpassed integration platform, Software House C-Cure solutions allows customers to integrate seamlessly with critical security and business applications giving users full control through a single user interface. Whether your business calls for highly elaborate integration between multiple systems, or a simple connection between an alarm and a camera, Software House delivers the right systems and the right level of integration. C-Cure can be integrated with a variety of third-party products from video and intercom to intrusion and fire detection. Software House continues its commitment to expanding these products and services to meet the diverse and growing needs of its customers.” For additional information please visit

Employee Spotlight: Erica Rigler


At ISG, all of our team members are hard-working, motivated individuals! One of those individuals is Sr. Sales Executive, Erica Rigler, and we want to recognize her drive and talent in this month’s Employee Spotlight!

How long have you been working at Invision Security? 

I’ve been working at Invision Security for about a year and a half.

What was your first impression of Invision Security?

My first impression of Invision was fresh, young, forward-thinking, the ability to think outside-the-box type of atmosphere. That was what I first felt when I came in for my initial set of interviews and then when I first started working here. I think that’s what I still find here today.

Why did you make the move to Invision Security?

I made the move to Invision Security for several reasons. The first being, I wanted a better customer experience for the end-users. I wanted a more family atmosphere and I had been in the national accounts in the larger organizations for quite some time and felt pretty much as though I was just a number and wasn’t able to provide the service that I wanted to for my clients. Also, my upper mobility wasn’t quite where I thought it should be, so that’s why I made the move.

What do you enjoy most about working at Invision Security?

The thing I enjoy most about Invision Security Group would probably be the fun and light atmosphere in the office, everyone is very friendly and it seems more like a family setting as opposed to everyone just comes in and sits in their space and doesn’t interact.

How do you define success?

I define success based on my reputation… if someone hears my name, or is engaged with someone that knows me, they say positive things about me. On a personal note, I define success because I have got some great kids and that’s my biggest accomplishment is my kids.

What does true leadership mean to you?

True leadership to me is someone who has the ability to allow their people, their peers, their direct reports, the ability to be themselves, think freely, approach them with ideas, embrace those ideas and take into account and consideration everything everyone is saying and to get in with their people, their teams, and really be part of the day to day and what is going on and be open. That’s what I think is the most important thing.

What is the best or most impactful book that you have ever read?

The most impactful book I’ve ever read would be, without question, “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg. I love that book; it spoke to me in a lot of ways and I think that it does many people.

What is the best place you’ve traveled to and why?

The best travel experience I have had thus far would be Spain. The reason it was the best for me was I found that it was the most profound experience from an architectural standpoint and the visuals, sunsets, I thought it was very breathtaking. And good wine, always important.

What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?

The one thing that I cannot live without, at this point in my life, and I think it would vary depending on where you are in your life, but right now it would be my husband, my marriage. The kids are grown, they’ve pretty much flown the nest and it’s a happy time. And of course, I have to have wine, I could never live without the wine, so there’s that.

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New Hire: Dave Charles, VP of Sales & Business Development

Invision Security Group is pleased to announce its newest hire, Dave Charles, who will join ISG as Vice President of Sales & Business Development. In this role, Dave will work with the sales team to drive and accelerate sales revenue and facilitate growth in key cities in the United States. In addition, Dave will work closely with ownership on overall business strategy.

“I am honored to be joining an organization that is experiencing rapid growth in an industry that is still very fragmented and in a state of perpetual change. It will be my privilege to play a unique role in ISG’s continued success as an industry thought leader,” said Dave.

Dave comes to ISG with over 24 years of experience in the security industry. Over the course of his career, Dave has held leadership roles in numerous organizations. He has a strong background in multi-channel selling environments. Additionally, he has been able to accumulate a wealth of industry and product knowledge that will serve ISG’s growth well into the future. Especially, as they seek to expand their market share in the enterprise space while simultaneously leveraging the success of their core business.

When asked why he chose to join ISG, Dave attributes his decision to “[his] belief in the vision and leadership style of the founders, Brandon and Annette Smith.”

VP of Sales & Business Development

Employee Spotlight: TJ Mainiero


At ISG, all of our team members are hard-working, motivated individuals! One of those individuals is Service Technician, TJ Mainiero, and we want to recognize his drive and dedication this month in our Employee Spotlight!

How long have you been working at Invision Security? 

Coming up on 3 years now.

What do you enjoy most about working at Invision Security?

Being able to wake up every day and have a job that provides for my family.

What was your first impression of Invision Security?

I was unsure, working so far from where I live, it was definitely a change. But being here, I love the job! It’s what I was doing before, but it’s more fun doing it working for this company than where I was before.

What experience do you bring to Invision Security? 

Being able to speak to the technology to our customers.

What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?

Bacon Pizza.

Where is your favorite place to be?

In Ocean City, MD camping with the family.

Tell us something that might surprise us about you.

I like fixing things and tinkering with broken stuff to figure out how to get it to work again. I’ve fixed so many Keurig machines for my Mom it’s ridiculous.

If you could do another job for just one day, what would it be? 

I’d say an Under Sea Welder, just to see what it’s like.

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Meet the Team! Introducing the Newest Members of the ISG Family!


Employee Spotlight: Drew Miller

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We love shedding light on our hard-working employees. This month we’re featuring Drew Miller!

How has Invision Security helped with your career development?
ISG has allowed me the opportunity to keep up with the latest technologies and continue to grow as a security professional.

What do you enjoy most about working at Invision Security?
The loyalty and support between employees creates an enjoyable environment every day.  We have a true family atmosphere, where everyone can depend on one another.

What experience do you bring to Invision Security?
I have been in the electronic security industry for 16 years. Starting as a fire alarm inspector, progressing to a lead service technician, then managing enterprise networked systems, and coordinating national installations and service. I have dealt in many aspects of the industry.

Where is your favorite place to be?
The mountains, the beach, or anywhere outside with warm weather!

What is your favorite thing to do?
Anything outdoors, especially riding my motorcycle.

Where is the best place you’ve traveled to and why?
South Africa. It was a once in a lifetime experience that expanded my perception of the world.

If you could do another job for just one day, what would it be?
Play football for the Philadelphia Eagles!

Employee Spotlight: Lisa Burkhardt!



Get to know our team members a little better! Today, our Employee Spotlight is shining on Lisa Burkhardt, our Finance and Office Operations Manager!

How long have you been working at ISG? 

Two years on June 1st! But I feel like I have been here forever. A few weeks after I started, I remember Annette and I talking about my upcoming ‘60 days’ and laughing that it couldn’t be true. I was already so invested and bonded, it felt more like years… 

What do you enjoy most about working at ISG? 

Never a dull day. We all work so unbelievably hard, but we work together as a team. We support each other and help each other – and look out for each other. ISG is my other family. We care a lot about each other. But also bicker and laugh and tease and argue. The office is an open air space, so there is no ability to hide or be shy or quiet. Being here forces you to be open and social, which for me is a challenge, but forces me to be present and involved. Besides the close relationship with my team – the limitless potential this company and each of its employees has is crazy. It’s exciting to watch things happen around here.


What was your first impression of ISG?

I was immediately impressed…Annette and Brandon are so young and so successful in what they are doing and have done in their careers already. It’s amazing what they have done and continue to do with this company, all while being themselves. It is humbling and definitely impressive!

What experience do you bring to ISG? 

I have a diverse background, with both corporate and very non-corporate environments. I’ve worked in an operations type role for more than 10 years with experience in Finance, HR, and Office Management; have been both a Personal and Executive Assistant; and worked in food & beverage for 8 years before all of this. I think I have a good understanding of customer service and relations as well as what happens within these office walls.  

What makes you special?

My amazing sense of humor!

What is your personal philosophy?

If it’s meant to be, it will be.

What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?

My daughter. She’s everything.

Where is your favorite place to be?

Outside, on the beach, or anywhere in the warm sun.

How do you define success?

Being proud of yourself for what you are doing.

What is the best book you have ever read?

God, I don’t read enough… Unless it’s with my 6 year old.  In that case, one of our favorites is “I Love You, Stinky Face” 

Tell us something that might surprise us about you.   

I went to school for Art. I’m a huge car fanatic. I can also name, sing along, and/or air drum to almost every Classic Rock song I hear on the radio.

Mobile Security System Apps Offer True Peace of Mind

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It’s become a common saying among all smartphone users: “There’s an app for that.”

Current home and business security systems are at the forefront of mobile app convenience, allowing individuals to monitor the status of those systems remotely  as well as interact with their alarm systems should the need arise. Thanks to mobile app technology such as the Z-Wave digital monitoring system offered by Invision Security, there are a long list of available features that let users stay in touch with their security systems as long as they have their mobile device.

What kind of uses do mobile apps have when it comes to interacting with your fire alarm or burglar alarm system? One of the most beneficial features that a mobile security app can provide is alerting you of any activity taking place in or near a particular property.

Whether it’s a tripped alarm, an open window, or a text message,  letting you know that your child has come home from school and entered in his or her alarm code, you can keep a tab on what’s going on at home or at work without having to make calls or visists.

This communication between you and your security system can go both ways, too. You can use a mobile security app to arm your system from a distance, or turn off an accidental alarm. You can also view remote video monitoring  from cameras installed in your home or office via your phone, which is great for doing quick spot checks on kids or employees.

Moving past standard burglar and fire alarms, mobile apps also offer advanced home and office automation services that can put you in complete control of your property remotely. Wireless apps are available that can lock and unlock doors, turn lights on or off and even let you adjust your thermostat settings from your smartphone. It’s even possible to install modules for specific electrical outlets that provide you with similar control over appliances and other devices.

Mobile security applications offer the kinds of versatile access control, notification and remote automation services that were previously luxuries of the rich and famous. It’s well worth investigating the benefits of this type of technology for busy families on the go as well as company owners looking for increased efficiency from their current business security systems.

New Partnership With Gloucester Terminals

PHILADELPHIA, August 8, 2014

Invision Security Group, a leading Electronic Security Solutions provider, announced today that it has received the award for the Sector Delaware Bay Area Maritime Security Multiple Award Contract (MAC) and a separate private contract award by Gloucester Terminals, LLC directly.

The project, inclusive of all awarded contracts both through the AMSC and Gloucester Terminals has a total value of $526,783.26. This multiple award contract was designed to provide an electronic IP Based video surveillance system addition and two FLIR Mobile Surveillance Skywatch Towers, to be integrated on all Gloucester Terminals, LLC platforms.

“Invision brings a highly knowledgeable team with extensive experience delivering effective electronic security solutions and training for strategic security platforms and capabilities,” said Brandon Smith, Senior Vice President for Invision’s system design and integration unit.

“Invision has a proven track record of providing advanced security solutions to ports in the North Eastern United States as well as other local, state and federal government agencies. Our strength is our team of professionals delivering solutions that enhance the security of our National infrastructure.” About Invision Security Group Invision Security Group is the industry leader in customized electronic security solutions and integration. We take pride in developing a strategic plan to implement a successful security solution. We understand that each scenario is different; therefore Invision is committed to a consultative approach and implementation for each individual project.

Our goal is to provide the most technologically advanced and reliable electronic security system solution, combined with old fashioned quality customer service that is available 24/7. We are proficient and master craftsmen of the products we sell, install and monitor. Our staff is factory trained for the products and services we provide.

We have the complete support for all of your security needs. We install, monitor, and service burglar alarms, fire alarms, access control systems, video surveillance systems and automation systems. We are proficient with the convergence of information technology (IT) products with existing or new networks. We only install the best of breed non-proprietary devices, components, and open platform software. News and information are available at

Invision Security Group Certified As Women’s Business Enterprise

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – August 4, 2014

Invision Security Group, a full service electronic security systems integrator, announced today that it was granted national Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) certification by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

The announcement was made today by Annette Smith, the firm’s Managing Member and co-founder. Invision Security’s official WBE status is in response to new expectations in the marketplace. Annette Smith co-founded Invision Security Group, an industry leading electronic security firm, located in Plymouth Meeting, Pennyslvania. The company provides video surveillance, managed access control systems, intrusion and fire alarm systems & customized security consulting and risk assessments to Commercial, Educational, Industrial and Government sectors.

“We are excited to be officially certified as a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise. We want to expand into new markets and the WBENC certification will give us opportunities to learn and grow, while acting as a spring-board for new business development,” said Annette Smith.

“We are proud of this certification,” she continues. “By successfully going through the WBE certfication process and becoming involved with WBENC, we hope to accomplish some ambitious goals for Invision, our clients, and for all businesswomen.” The WBENC certification, for women-owned businesses, certifies that a company is at least 51% woman/women owned. It is the most rigorous and sought after certification of its kind. Working with WBENC certified companies can help corporations fulfill contract obligations.

Companies and government agencies that include women-owned businesses as their vendors show their commitment to fostering diversity. For additional information on Invision Security Group, visit their web site at or call 877.933.2288.


The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council is the nation’s largest third party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women in the United States. WBENC is a resource for the more than 700 US companies and government agencies that rely on WBENC’s certification as an integral part of their supplier diversity programs. For additional information on WBENC visit