Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Professional Commercial Fire Alarm System Installation. Engineers carefully study the business and premises to choose the best option. Modern wireless commercial fire alarm system includes audio and video devices, smoke and motion sensors, access control equipment, etc.


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Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

High-quality and reliable safety commercial alarm systems are not only a fashionable option when organizing a business space. It is a strict legal requirement. Without structured business fire alarm systems, you endanger the lives of personnel and enterprise assets. It can significantly reduce customer loyalty and lead to consequential property losses.

Fire Alarm Systems

Modern commercial fire alarm systems include hardware and software. They comply with local and national codes and standards. Thanks to a well-thought-out alert structure, you can ensure the continuity of the business process. And a responsible provider of the alarm system (commercial for all SMBs) will offer an option that suits the purpose and requirements of your premises.

Why Upgrade Your Fire Alarm Systems

Employees and company property safety are paramount when organizing a business process. Therefore, installing a commercial fire alarm system is the top way to protect against contingencies because alert sensors detect and notify about smoke or fire in the building.

As a rule, fire-prevention equipment is built-in during construction. But it is usually pretty primitive. You can upgrade existing hardware and design a robust structure. It is an excellent investment to grow your business as the modern wireless commercial fire alarm system includes audio and video devices, smoke and motion sensors, access control equipment, etc.

The following advantages speak in favor of mounting updated fire alarm systems for commercial buildings:

  • Protection of human life (staff and clients) and property. The security of staying in the building increases loyalty to your company.
  • Detection of various threats: flame, smoke, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide. The commercial fire alarm monitoring is triggered for all types of hazards. It gives enough time to evacuate and eliminate the danger.
  • Reducing the risk of damage due to fires, including loss of property and death of employees & customers. The alert keeps your business running smoothly. Now you can prioritize and boldly face a promising future without worrying about safety.

Modern commercial fire alarm systems are complex technical equipment with intelligent hardware and software. It is a good investment for the future.

For the highest efficiency and productivity, it is recommended to combine a business fire alarm with:

Types of Commercial Fire Alarm Systems: Wireless & Wired

Progress and technology are constantly improving. Commercial security alarm systems are becoming more accurate and reliable. Today, there are practically no false positives. And this statement applies to all types.

According to the principle of control, the devices can be regular (or divided into coverage areas) and with central control. The latter is considered to be more convenient and efficient. It gives an accurate indication of where the problem is. The regular commercial fire alarm system costs not so much, but its reaction is immediate. Also, today a hybrid system is widespread.

To make the right choice, you must take into account the benefits of all types and highlight the ones that suit your case. It is better to contact a specialized agency to decide when a fire alarm system is required in a commercial building. Experts will analyze the place, the characteristics of your business and find the best option.

Main Parts of the Fire Alarm Systems For Commercial Buildings

Reliable equipment always has a more complex design. It can be selected and formed depending on the requirements of the object and the wishes of the client. That is why commercial fire alarm system installation cost depends on the included number of functions.

However, all types, including commercial wireless fire alarm systems, usually contain several required components:

  • Panel. It is designed according to the customer’s requirements. The panel is used as the main system interface for connecting all sensors and devices.
  • Flame and smoke detectors. Sensors are placed around the perimeter. They must be checked regularly and replaced in case of a malfunction. Sensors react to smoke, carbon monoxide, fire, and temperature rise. Some can be connected to video cameras that react to flame.
  • Manual notifications. They are mounted inaccessible and visible parts of the room. These elements are needed to notify about danger if someone detects fire or smoke immediately.
  • Sound detectors. Commercial fire alarm system companies advise installing loudspeakers around the perimeter. The process of evacuation and rescue of people depends on their volume. Staff must hear the sound in all rooms and corners.
  • Visual warnings (beacons). Visible marks should also warn about danger since workers may use hearing protection. These are usually bright flashes of red or yellow light.
  • Interfaces. These are special relays that control the functioning of the entire security system in a building. They ensure security system monitoring and all detectors.

Professional Fire Alarm System Installation

An effective commercial fire alarm is not just a few smoke and flame detectors around the perimeter. Cooperation with specialists from fire alarm system installation companies makes it possible to develop an individual plan taking into account your wishes and building features. Engineers carefully study the business and premises to choose the best commercial wireless fire alarm system option. Besides, experts take the responsibility of approving plans in all departments.

Engineers have experience and knowledge in sensors, cameras, and alarm system installation. There is practically no chance of false positives.

The obvious benefits of hiring the right company to install commercial fire alarms are:

  • improving the safety of the working environment,
  • assessment of all risks and identification of potentially dangerous places during evacuation,
  • development of a protection concept.

Engineers carry out a complete set of activities from the plan development to the installation of the equipment. After that, you can trust a security company that performs system maintenance following state standards.

Wireless Commercial Fire Alarm System — A Boost for Your Company Safety

A state accreditation and certification must carry out the commercial fire alarm installation. It guarantees the safety and reliability of the hardware. Invision Security Group provides a complete package of services for commercial fire alarm monitoring. Our company received state accreditation and passed all certifications. We provide planning, installation, and maintenance services. Our specialists have comprehensive experience and undergo regular professional development from manufacturing companies.

Invision Security Group is one of the top commercial fire alarm companies “near me” and has maintained a leading position for many years. We offer high technology and modern hardware & software for a safe business. Our clients apply for a commercial burglar alarm system and security alarm system installation. Thanks to cooperation with our specialists, your business can develop steadily and comfortably.

We are constantly expanding and opening new offices. In Philadelphia, you can find our sales offices: Lancaster, Plymouth Meeting, Wester Chester, Atlantic City, Doylestown, and others. Moreover, we operate in New Jersey and its cities such as Cape May, Atlantic City, Princeton, Deptford, Trenton, Wildwood, etc.

Invision Security Group specialists are aware of all new products and monitor the development of the best security system technologies. We are at the forefront of bringing the latest advances to business. Our customers never experience hardware or software failures. Contact the managers to get additional information or set up a date for a consultation with specialists.

All-in-one Comprehensive

Commercial Security Systems

Invision is a one-stop, full-service electronic security solutions provider for small and large business/organizations.

Turnkey Security Solutions Include:

  • Initial Site Survey
  • Design & Engineering
  • Configuration & Installation
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance