Commercial Security Alarm Systems

With Alarm Systems for Commercial Buildings, you get not only traditional alerts but also other protective measures which include: Intrusion Alarm, Access Control, Intercom Techniques, Surveillance Camera System. Your property will be protected from Burglary, Fire, and other man-made accidents.


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Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) statistics for 2019-2020 show that more than a third of all thefts and burglaries occur in non-residential premises like restaurants, offices, banks, parking lots, etc. The theft purpose is both cash and company property. Taking into account this information, a commercial alarm system is a trustworthy way to save your assets.

Commercial Security Alarm Systems

These hardware and software are created to protect against intruders, burglars, robbers, floods, and fires. They allow you to monitor the buildings in real-time. Business burglar alarm systems provide access control, fire detection, and safety of the staff’ and clients’ lives. The safety cameras create comfortable conditions for work and business prosperity.

Business Alarm Systems Features & Benefits

The office location in a prestigious and relatively safe area does not provide a guarantee against burglary and attack by intruders. Even in such places robberies and vandalism take place. Criminals are always looking for unprotected places without cameras or lighting. Your property will always be in danger without innovative security business solutions.

Most crimes occur at night or during days off. However, more and more companies are switching to a 24/7 schedule. In this case, you endanger your employees. With alarm systems for commercial buildings, you get not only traditional alerts but also other protective measures which include:

Your property will be protected from burglary, fire, and other man-made accidents. Today, a fully customizable Smart Commercial Alarm System for Businesses gives control over the place and the ability to take emergency measures. Specially designed packages by leading companies meet the users’ needs as much as possible.

Security Alert: Conception, Design, Operation

Safety business burglar alarm systems vary in their design and application purpose. Some of them have a simple design and small self-contained noisemakers to warn about the threat. Others have a complex structure. They are connected with a closed-circuit TV (CCTV) surveillance structure for computer monitoring and access control hardware.

The simplest alarm systems business usually consists of two elements: a sensor for detecting a threat and a siren for warning. However, advanced forewarning types may include the following options:

  • Control unit or panel. Computer boards perceive sensors, signal intrusions, etc.
  • Sensors for detecting intruders.
  • Treble signals. They are triggered when a threat is detected.
  • Keyboard. A device for entering data, codes, etc. They have keys with letters, numbers, indicator lights, and a display.
  • The connection between components. The device is interlinked to a central control unit or has a wireless net and a local energy supply.

Also, modern devices have the function of monitoring and communication with the central station. The operators receive the alert, then dial the owners and the police. As a rule, communication between guards goes through special channels on the Internet or telephone.

What Are the Principles of Commercial Alarm Sensor Work?

Smart or complex security intrusion alarm systems consist of a set of additional programs and devices. Their main task is to respond early to a threat, call the appropriate services, and warn people about evacuation. Threats can be different: fire, smoke, toxic substances, illegal entry, flooding, etc.

So, depending on the perceived hazard, there are various detector types:

  • passive infrared;
  • infrasound;
  • compact survey mini-cameras;
  • broken window detectors;
  • smoke, heat sensors, etc.

When a threat arises, alarm systems for businesses react and send a signal to the fire department or the rapid response service. Personnel warning alerts can be bells, horns, stroboscopic lights, or voices calling for evacuation. Also, the signaling can be triggered automatically or manually from a distant control center. The frequency and volume of the sound are set depending on the radius of area coverage.

All of these elements are required to provide an integrated approach to safety. They are suitable for office, industrial, parking, fast food, school, religious or cultural center installations.

Warning Technologies: Business Guide

Today, you can secure your property in different ways. A suitable option for commercial security alarm systems is selected depending on the conditions and needs. It differs in functionality and application. You can apply to a reliable alarm installer ‘near me’ which will offer the installation of any structure. First, you need to figure out which option is right for your situation.

Burglar/Fire Warning Systems

Sound sensors are a traditional way to keep you safe. They are used to determine burglars and to warn of fire or flood. Modern and high-tech alarm detection systems will be provided by smart options with real-time perimeter monitoring. When a threat is detected, it sends a signal to the emergency response services.

Complex hardware is usually equipped with:

Wired and wireless networks are used to transmit an intrusion alarm to the main console. It is usually placed at a remote site where the security personnel are located. After receiving the notification, they mobilize and leave for the scene. They also contact the police.

Fire Alarm Systems for Commercial Buildings

Fire alarm systems are already included in any buildings following the requirements of the state and federal governments. These components are already in your commercial property: smoke, carbon dioxide, and heat detectors, evacuation signals, break glass points, etc. But these hardware and software have become much smarter and more advanced.

If your priority is to improve the safety of your staff, property, and information, you need to not only comply with the requirements but also upgrade the fire warning. Modern security alarm systems for businesses contain many new and useful features such as:

  • Smart control panels and sensors do not give false signals.
  • Hyper-responsive ionization and photoelectric components detect fire and smoke quickly and accurately.
  • Interconnection with smartphones. The device automatically sends an alert to the gadget.

This hardware guarantees full protection of your business. You could be sure of its future development without any obstacles.

Business Alarm Systems Near Me: Access Control

Restricting building access is a powerful way to protect your property, staff, and customers. Commercial alarm systems ‘near me’ establish protocols for the people moving in and out of a building.

Some offices can be equipped with doors with sensors requiring a specific code or magnetic card. ID-key cards have a code in a magnetic stripe or chip, which is read by the card-reader and unlocks the door. The access device may include a face recognition function.

Intercom System

Monitoring is a reliable and powerful option that allows you to respond to a threat within minutes. The alarm systems in Philadelphia give a clear picture of the situation in the building and on its territory. The owner is insured not only from external intrusion but also from the unfair behavior of employees.

Commercial monitoring includes not only the physical presence of a guard but also burglar sensors. The person working with the control panel monitors all hardware.

Infrared beams, barriers, turnstiles, shutters are used to protect the building during off-hours. All of them are bound to the central station. The alerts are also interlinked with cameras at the front door providing additional protection and contactless communication.

Surveillance Camera

Installing video surveillance systems for business is the main stage in organizing the safety of a commercial facility. They can be outdoor, internal, and front-door. So, it will be easier for the police to understand what has happened and find the intruders.

The owner is aware of what is going on in every corner of the restaurant, shopping room, or any other premises. By partnering with your property security installer like the Invision Security Group, you gain additional smart options like:

  • cloud storage of data;
  • remote monitoring;
  • live streaming from the place via the smartphone and Internet;
  • cameras with high-quality footage HD 4 MP;
  • motion sensing and video analytics.

Modern high-tech hardware is resistible, to high and low temperatures, humidity, and other bad weather conditions. It obtains wide lenses, night vision, and sensors for motion detection.

Your Reliable Property Protection in Philadelphia

Many companies are working with the installation of protection structures. Invision Security Group is one of the top ones offering high technology and the best solutions for affordable pricing. Experts analyze your business model and select the most suitable commercial signaling option.

Today, the reliable installer alarm systems in Philadelphia offers integrated structures when the front camera is connected to the lighting. Our team can select the optimal and reliable protection option within almost any budget.

We use only modern and reliable software and equipment. So we closely follow the development of technology on the market. All provided equipment is tested before installation. Therefore, there cannot be any failures or malfunctions during operation. If your business property needs reliable protection, contact our specialists for advice.

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Commercial Security Systems

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