Fire Alarm Installation

We build custom systems that give the maximum effect at an affordable price. Invision Security works a lot with businesses in different fields and knows their needs perfectly.

We provide you with the installation scheme, discuss details, and agree. In the assignment, we set the work’s deadline and finish installation before this date comes.


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Installing a fire alarm system (FAS) is certainly not a meaningless action for a business. Every company should have it to protect customers, workers, and premises. Fires are also very tough financially, and signaling will help prevent economic problems.

Fire Alarm Systems

It is not only an excellent investment but also an official requirement according to state laws. Each region has different ones, and fitting their needs is vital to escape fines. Every business must go through a regular check to receive a certificate and proof of its safe conditions. Before installation, you should figure out details and decide which system would serve you better.

Fire Alarm System Installation

In different FASs, the level of protection, the principle of operation, and other characteristics vary enormously. Small and large premises have different needs, so there is no versatile scheme or type. Every time, engineers must invent a new plan. Before constructing and installing one, we advise and help customers choose a mechanism that fits.

Types of fire alarm systems can be divided on:

  • Conventional ones fit SMBs. They consist of heat and smoke detectors, signallers, fire alarm panels, manual call points & supporting hardware. After detecting a threat, a loud signal is sent and this helps find the problematic location.
  • Addressable ones are helpful in large office buildings where detecting the required spot is more complicated than in small ones. They are more flexible and customizable. Sensors have different signal thresholds that allow locating precisely.

According to this classification, there are completely different models in each subspecies of the system. They don’t have the same configurations and functionality. Some can be monitored, which increases the safety level, and some can only produce a loud noise. Each construction is helpful in different conditions. Here is why a professional consultation is necessary before installation.

The Process of Installation

  1. The working process starts as soon as a client sends us a request. The first step is collecting information. We discuss the customer’s needs, the budget, the business specifics, and other essential details.
  2. After discussion, our specialists come to the client’s building and detect its specifics right on the spot. It enables engineers to see the construction and materials features and the size.
  3. We provide you with the installation scheme, discuss details, and agree. In the assignment, we set the work’s deadline and finish installation before this date comes.
  4. After installing the system, we stay in contact and recommend maintaining it. Workers will receive instruction on operating with the plan to understand how it works.

Professional companies will always be able to install commercial fire alarms in office buildings, restaurants, business centers, etc. In addition, specialists work, as a rule, not only with large corporations, but also with small businesses – an individual approach will be applied to each.

Cost of Service

Prices vary according to the complexity of security system installation. An average cost is $4.5 per foot. The pricing starts with $1 and can go up to $6 per foot. It depends on the chosen mechanisms, the number of sensors, and the installation difficulties.

Sometimes installers have to change walls and ceilings. If the building is old, putting in necessary communications may get complicated. Anyway, the price is usually defined individually at the stage of planning.

Commercial Fire Alarm Installation

Fire alarm installation services for business are not like regular ones. They are more significant, sensitive, and have parts such as a fire alarm control panel. They must react rapidly to save lives in the end. Here is why reliable and careful installation is necessary for every business of any kind.

What Industries Use Security Monitoring?

The answer is: commercial fire alarm systems are necessary everywhere. The flame, smoke and heat still stays one of the biggest treats for buildings, papers, and businesses in general.

Where to install:

  • The first field you may think of is restaurants and cafes. Kitchens always include the usage of open flame, which puts them in everyday danger. Every restaurant should have fire alarm monitoring, provide training to workers, and use safe materials and extinguishers.
  • The second industry is retail. Shops always have flammable items in the assortment. A fire here may lead to a financial catastrophe! And, which is more important, is safety in shops and large malls where it is connected with people’s wellbeing. A system must detect a flame in any part of the building and help workers and visitors to evacuate.
  • Another class of buildings that require special attention is financial enterprises and offices. There are usually many important papers, devices, and people that should escape fast. A strong notifier fire alarm panel and professional fire alarm advice can save time during the evacuation and prevent significant financial losses.
  • Protection is necessary for schools, colleges, and universities. Many safety issues in the education field stay untold and receive insufficient attention. Competent specialists should plan FASs in colleges and schools to minimize further problems.
  • Medical facilities should stay on top when it comes to safety. Security and fire alarm systems must protect patients and let them stay calmful. Also, it is necessary to care about doctors and nurses because their workplace should be 100% safe and comfortable.
  • Setting up safety measures at industrial warehouses is an aspect that is worth attention. Security risks here are uncountable. The area of attention also includes the large surrounding territory. An alarm system should have the most reliable parts for more robust control.

Benefits of Working with Invision

Invision Security Group is a Philadelphia-based company that works across the tri-state region, including Pennsylvania and New Jersey, since 2010. We believe that the individual approach is the key to the highest safety level. Our standards are high and applicable for reliable businesses in many industries.

We’ve got a fire alarm installation certificate from trusted and authoritative brands:

  • Electronic Security Association,
  • WBENC,
  • ASIS International.

Invision entered the top-100 of the most fast-growing Philadelphia companies and the top-500 private companies in America three times. Our business never stops its growth!

In our custom systems, we use hardware from the most reliable manufacturers. The list of partners includes Salient, Honeywell, American Dynamics, and many other companies.

We build custom systems that give the maximum effect at an affordable price. Invision works a lot with small businesses in different fields and knows their needs perfectly.

A business should stay safe in every aspect, and Invision wants to provide this security. Our fire alarm installation company works with different signalings and is an expert at security systems. Invision installs cameras, intrusion detectors, and motion sensors to prevent crimes. We can also monitor your facilities to react immediately in the case of some troubles.

Another field of work includes access control. Companies with many employees usually apply some devices and specific software to monitor their workers’ effectiveness. Invision provides biometrics equipment, electronic door lockers, and key cards in apartment building access control systems.

Common safety issues get solved much easier with intercoms for businesses. It complements both video surveillance and access control mechanisms and lifts them to the highest level of protection.

We have worked successfully with companies in each named industry for more than ten years. Invision Company collected the proper experience to continue doing its job and say on top. For example, our client list includes Mercy Philadelphia Hospital, Dunkin’ Donuts, Shell, Subway, and other large companies or small businesses.

If you have any questions, use our free security consulting services and call for details! Schedule a consultation and start discussing your project with our manager.

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Invision is a one-stop, full-service electronic security solutions provider for small and large business/organizations.

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