Fire Safety & Prevention Month


In honor of National Fire Safety and Prevention Month, ISG would like to shed light on the importance of fire safety and what you can do to prevent a fire from happening. Having a fire alarm system is a key part of making sure you are prepared in the event of a fire. While fire alarm systems are usually a requirement in most commercial properties, it’s always important to go above and beyond to protect the business you have worked hard to build-up. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), “[Store and mercantile properties] fires caused an annual average of 12 civilian deaths, 299 civilian fire injuries, and $604 million in direct property damage.” Fire safety and protection are more than a legal requirement; they are a way to protect your employees and your company.

Importance of Fire Alarm Systems

At ISG, we take fire prevention and safety seriously. That is why we want to emphasize the importance of having a fire alarm system for your business. These early warning systems will sound at the first sign of fire, informing occupants to evacuate the premises immediately as well as alerting the fire department to the potential danger, allowing them to respond more quickly. However, a fire alarm system can only alert occupants to the threat of fire, but if employees are not aware of proper evacuation procedures, then a fire can still be life-threatening. According the a survey conducted by NFPA, “One-third of survey respondents who made an estimate thought they would have at least 6 minutes before a fire in their home would become life threatening. The time available is often less.” While it may be time consuming, it’s still important to provide employees with an evacuation plan and to routinely schedule and hold fire drills.

How to Prevent a Fire

When it comes to fire safety, the best course of action is prevention. In office buildings, it’s important to keep your work area clear of items that may catch fire such as trash or waste paper as well as turning off electrical appliances at the end of the day. Another common cause for office fires are damaged electrical cords and overloaded circuits. Additionally, heat producing equipment such as printers or coffee makers should be kept away from anything flammable that may burn or catch fire.

What Invision Can Do for You

At Invision Security, our trained fire alarm engineers and installers have the technical experience to make sure that your fire alarm system is installed as required. Our team will also file permits, submit plans, and provide you with a comprehensive assessment that meets local building and National Fire Code Requirements.

It is important to understand how serious fire safety is for a business. If you want peace of mind for your commercial property, call us today or complete our contact form to schedule a consultation.

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