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Only the Best Barrier Gate Operator of Commercial Business Security services. Cooperating with trusted manufacturers, these firms will provide high-quality integrated security systems, including commercial access control.


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A commercial security system is a priority for every company. Unfortunately, not all businessmen pay due attention to this. While prioritizing online security, they forget that physical security is just as important to an enterprise’s reputation.

Team Invision Security

If you are working in a separate building, then the first thing to think about is the use of a barrier arm gate. These electronic access systems will become a deterrent that will mark the beginning of protecting the business from intruders or random people. Installing a good barrier is one of the most effective ways to improve your safety.

Why is it Necessary to Install a Barrier?

There are several reasons for barries and other business security systems installation:

  • Prevent or limit the flow of strangers from the street into your area.
  • Mark the boundaries where the business area begins and ends.
  • Control of transport access to the enterprise in the daytime and at night.
  • This is an indicator of your image, which increases the trust in the company.

Choose only the best barrier gate operator of commercial business security services. Cooperating with trusted manufacturers, these firms will provide high-quality integrated security systems, including commercial access control. Thanks to them, you can protect the enterprise from accidental or special penetration of people. Ill-wishers will not get into your territory, thanks to the professional security system installation.

Who Needs a Barrier

You will need a barrier if you work in the field of:

  • Education – to provide a safe environment for students.
  • Small business – to limit encroachment on your territory by unwelcome guests and third parties.
  • Parking and transport – to protect cars from possible theft or damage.
  • Real estate – to organize the maximum protection of the apartments’ residents.
  • Industrial production – to create reliable security systems for production workshops and warehouses.
  • Banking – for the safety of employees and valuables.
  • Healthcare – to protect medical personnel and patients.

The presence of a barrier is not only an obstacle for thieves but also a guarantee that no one will damage your property accidentally or intentionally. After dark, even in the most prosperous areas, vandalism occurs. The gate will become an additional obstacle to prevent possible disorder in your area.

Today, most enterprises choose security system installation as a barrier because they improve the company’s image. If you are the owner of a business with an insecure border, your investors or clients may think that you are not a serious businessman. The presence of a gate and a barrier will help show everyone that you stand firmly on your feet and are ready to provide reliable and high-quality service for everyone who asks for your help.

Types of Barriers

You can choose the most suitable gate barriers:

  • Single-arm barriers – great for commerce and industry.
  • Cross arm gates – used in loading docks or industrial sites because they are designed to control wide roads.
  • Manual – mechanically operated by a person.
  • Automatic – they can be opened by a person with access using a key fob.
  • Combined – in case of a power outage, you can use the key to raise the gate manually.

There are types of gates with other functions. For example, modern devices are equipped to protect the car from impacts. The railing automatically raises when a vehicle or a pedestrian passes under it.

Just as there are many varieties of barriers, there are dozens of ways to control them. Automated systems are more complex if a conventional mechanical gate is controlled by a person using a push-button switch. A driver who wants to enter the territory drives up to the barrier and scans the card using a card reader. Further, special electric drives are triggered, raising the boom and making it possible to pass. After the car has driven in, the barrier closes behind it.

If the equipment is equipped with a Wi-Fi receiver, an opening can be done using a special control block. To get the remote access function, you can use a PIN code, as well as an electronic badge reader, and log in using your phone or even a smartphone application.

Invision Security Group Services

Our company is a successful barrier arm and gate slider operator, providing a range of services for their installation and configuration. The specialists of Invision Security Group will help you choose the appropriate barrier option, deliver and install it in the right place, and train the staff to manage it. With our help, you can get a reliable security system for your business and not worry that someone can harm it.

Besides barriers, we work with:

We provide a full range of access control systems for business or private territory. Our engineers can help you set up an extensive monitoring system to prevent unauthorized access, ensure fire safety for your property and provide 24/7 technical support.

All-in-one Comprehensive

Commercial Security Systems

Invision is a one-stop, full-service electronic security solutions provider for small and large business/organizations.

Turnkey Security Solutions Include:

  • Initial Site Survey
  • Design & Engineering
  • Configuration & Installation
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance

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