Guest Entry Systems

This state-of-the-art solution combines sensors for identifying visitors and appointments, monitors for registration, programs for collecting data on incidents & the company’s security level.

Today it is an ideal and easy way of commercial access control who enters the territory of the enterprise or office.


Complimentary Risk Assessment

The right impression about your company, school, business is a big part of success. The guarantee of safety, professionalism, and courtesy creates a pleasant atmosphere and increases your chances. Today, their provision can be trusted to electronic visitor access control systems.

Guest Entry Systems

This state-of-the-art solution combines sensors for identifying visitors and appointments, monitors for registration, programs for collecting data on incidents & the company’s security level. In other words, the video intercom systems have been specially designed to simplify the management of visitors to offices and educational institutions. That is why it has an intuitive interface and a set of functions.

Advantages of Guest Entry System

The time of traditional paper methods of controlling visitors is over. It is no longer effective and takes too much time. The main disadvantage was the lack of privacy, individual approach, and time waste. Managers had to record or enter visitor data manually. But now, the system has become simpler and more adaptive. Besides, it is quite actual for hotels, healthcare centers, and other apartment building access control systems.

Today it is an ideal and easy way of commercial access control who enters the territory of the enterprise or office. It gives your employees and customers a sense of security and peace of mind. Moreover, the program allows you to configure the desired settings for your goals.

By installing guest control, you get a simplified system for:

  • generating reports on visits, guests, employees,
  • emergency calls,
  • management of courier visits and delivery,
  • exchange of information and their rapid generation.

The guest access application provides the initial entrance to the building and becomes an integral part of the complex visitor electronic access systems. Thanks to this hardware and software, you will be able to regulate the granting or banning of visits to a specific person or category of people.

Many business owners have already appreciated the benefits of guest entry systems:

  • Strengthening the brand. Your guests will see the logo, corporate colors, etc. It’s easier and faster to promote your company. And a person has the impression of exclusivity and entry into society.
  • Professional impression. Ideal guest access system settings speak volumes about you. People do not have to suffer in search of the right office or wait in line.
  • High-Efficiency Office. The software allows you to optimize such routine processes as issuing badges, registration, notification of visits, printing, and sharing reports.
  • High data security. Your customers will appreciate the fact that their data will not be stored in a standard paper journal accessible to all employees. Video intercom systems for business guarantees complete confidentiality. Information is limited for other guests and different categories of staff.
  • No queue waiting. The exact appointment of the time for the visit saves guests from long minutes of waiting. There are also several options for notifications: by mail, by phone.

Main Components of the System

This application is only part of a complete visitor management scheme. For full effectiveness of the apartment security system, it is necessary to work out the priority points of the organization’s protection. They usually include some essential components.

Guests Pre-registration

The person must confirm the time and date of its visit. It helps both parties to create a positive impression of each other. Your guest won’t have to wait long in line, and it’s easier to plan their schedule. You can accurately calculate the time for each guest and not form a queue in the waiting room. This moment is especially relevant in connection with recent events. It is easier to use already familiar systems like Outlook or Google calendar for pre-registration.

Guests receive invitations in advance. It may contain the employee’s office or workplace number, driving directions, best transportation, and a reminder of required documents. Visitors will appreciate such service and care.

A fast and clear registration process increases customer loyalty. And your employees can easily and quickly process requests to visit the company. Moreover, the commercial security system provides administrators with additional information about guests to give them a pleasant welcome and show respect.

Accompanying Clients

In large companies, it is customary to accompany guests to the place. This is how you ensure the safety of staff and other visitors and help the new person navigate in the new office.

But with the help of an automated guest control system, you can provide him with maps with the exact movement route through the building. Some people are more comfortable being alone before an important meeting. Give them this opportunity.

Building Access Features

There is a possibility of the business security system installation with a special application. The main thing, in this case, is to issue access tokens: a pin code, a key card, or a badge.

Also, the software at the entrance uses the option of face recognition or personal identification. This guarantees complete security. At the same time, visitors’ personal information is reliably protected from intruders and draining into suspicious databases.

In some cases, additional permits may be required to visit other places in the office: garage, warehouse, elevator. Access credentials can be both connected and blocked at any time.

Guest Entry Systems for Business in Philadelphia – Your Safety Guarantee

The security market is saturated. And this creates difficulties for businessmen who want to get a reliable and high-quality product. Invision Security Group has been taking the leading position in security system installation for over a decade. The company has gathered a whole community of grateful and satisfied customers during this time. The main principle of work is the optimal ratio of price and quality.

To do this, employees monitor innovations in the technical field and apply them in their professional security system installation. All offered equipment passes preliminary tests for efficiency and safety. Therefore, you will not encounter malfunctions.

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