Intrusion Detection Systems

Intrusion Detection Systems in Philadelphia. Prevention of intrusions – installation cameras, screens, burglar alarm system it at your shop, office, or restaurant. Invision Security Group works with many types of programs and hardware.


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When your business develops, it requires strong protection and security at all levels. It is related not only to strong physical protection but to the prevention of intrusions too. There are many ways of counteraction like cameras, signalization, and others. However, variants of physical attacks are becoming more and more advanced every year, they include new technologies, and the intrusion definition becomes harder and harder.

Intrusion Detection Systems

What is more effective than partly solutions is a strong Intrusion Detection System (IDS). Installing it at your shop, office, or restaurant makes your business more secure and controlled. Commercial alarm systems vary strongly, and different types are not versatile.

What Is Intrusion Detection System?

Speaking shortly, IDS is a complex of software and hardware preventing unauthorized access to the company’s property. Functions can vary from one to another business burglar alarm system, but the idea stays the same every time.

The algorithm monitors the activity of all users, searches for suspicious examples, and then initiates alarms when it detects problems. An administrator or a SIEM (security information & event management) system sees this alert and identifies the problem to fix it.

As a result, every intrusion is reported to professionals or other system’s parts which find out whether it is a real problem or a false alarm. Any invasion is prevented right when it appears, and stealing or destroying property becomes almost impossible for intruders.

What Are Commercial Intrusion Detection Systems Come With?

There are different ways of attacks, such as escalation of privileges, unauthorized access to important objects, cash, and properties. An advanced modern IDS must prevent any invasion.

To carry out all these functions, a system’s architecture contains some functional parts:

  • a subsystem of touch sensors collecting data about events related to the safety issue;
  • an analyzing subsystem detecting attacks and suspicious actions, that takes information from sensors;
  • a database where all received information and primary results are kept;
  • a controlling tab, which allows humans to change the way IDS works and make decisions based on the machine’s analysis;
  • cameras, screens, and other types of recording hardware.

In some simple examples, all these components can be held in only one device. Today, wireless intrusion detection systems are the most popular ones. They are appreciated for their configuration, rapid reaction, and flexibility.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems Classification

IDPS systems are classified according to the sensor’s disposition, the number of functions implemented, and the methods applied. There are both complicated and simple constructions suitable in different situations. Differences between various kinds of business alarm systems are shortly explained below.

Types of Systems

  1. Protocol-based alarm systems for commercial buildings are often applied to detect violations of accessing regimes and notify about access breakages. Also, it is responsible for notifying about property breakages and intrusions by third parties.
  2. Application Protocol-based system or agent uses specific apps to set up the controlling panel of an alarm system.
  3. Hybrid IDS contains signs of other systems to create the most suitable configuration for certain types of company programs. It receives information from different types of sensors (heat, vision, touching) to make protection as strong as possible.

Types of Methods

Alarm detection systems can apply different detection and notification methods. The most frequent one is producing a loud horn-like noise, which helps in a few ways at once. Firstly, everyone around will know about the intrusion and might help or protect themselves.

Secondly, burglars themselves often get confused by the loud sudden noise and lose their concentration. As a result, some of them just stay paralyzed, and others start acting less logically and slow down. It allows police officers to find them quickly.

Another thing that an alarm system can do is send a signal to a controlling panel or an app, so a responsible person will make a decision. Also, it can automatically send a notification to the police officer and show a location where the crime happened.

Benefits of Installing Business Burglar Alarm Systems

As you may notice, having a commercial security alarm system is simply a must for a business. When you know that any intrusion will be stopped before it starts, keeping safety in the office or a shop perfectly becomes as easy as never before.

Among other benefits are:

  • Systems we install fit every exact business’ needs and have individual unique configurations. If there are some third-party solutions installed already, our installers will take them into account and build a suitable mechanism.
  • Systems enable controlling entering and existing commercial buildings. With them, you can monitor this with individual codes.
  • The system works effectively if a break-in happens. It enables specialists to act rapidly, protecting the data, the property, and the people.

This way you can stay calmful about your business while taking a day off and simply know that everything is alright.

Commercial IDS by Invision Security Group

Many companies are developing commercial security alarm systems of different types, from the simplest signalization to advanced wireless intrusion detection systems. Invision Security Group works with many types of programs and hardware, our specialists can operate with commercial burglar alarm systems of any type.

Before installation, we consult a company on the best available variants and always fit the budget. Note that our services are available throughout Philadelphia. We strive to make the process of the system mounting as clear as possible and easily understandable for everyone. Here, our specialists suggest a few popular and versatile variants.

These companies produce the most equipment for small business alarm systems:

  • Honeywell;
  • General Electric;
  • Tyco;
  • Bosch.

When you’ll need to replace some equipment, remember that it must be from the same manufacturer. So, if you would like to change a company, you’ll need to switch the whole system. Also, companies can use the ‘software lock’ – a method when unauthorized users cannot access the configuration and change it.

New advanced systems are invented almost every month, and Invision Security Group watches all of them to offer the best of the best to the clients. We check all software many times before installing and operating with the most trustworthy programs available. If your business needs strong security solutions, contact our professionals for consultation.

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