Long Range Vehicle RFID Entry

Invision Security Group specializes in RFID technologies for Business Security System Installation. With our programmers and managers, you can create a custom access mechanism for your company.

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. This technology helps identify and track objects without physical contact on a long distance.


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Professional protection companies operate with many types of security systems. One of the most popular devices is long-range RFID chips that allow companies to set reliable access control on their territory.

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Where Are RFID Chips Applied?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. This technology helps identify and track objects without physical contact on a long distance. Two main components of the system are the micro scheme on the chip and the antenna on the reader. Despite its’ invention in the XX century, mass usage started not so long ago. Most logistics and transport companies operate with this method nowadays.

Some popular fields of application are:

  • controlling the movement from the warehouse to store, taking inventories, and preventing thefts;
  • speeding up loading and unloading goods, tracking them during transportation, and managing the leftovers;
  • checking up access permissions in electronic access systems that apply biometrics;
  • monitoring workers and devices in manufacturing, automatically counting information and raw materials data.

Chips on cards are used for payment RFID door entry systems. Compared to the NFC technology, RFID is more advanced and catches more distant signals. The scope is enormous, and such addition can help any business connected with selling and sending products.

How Long Range Vehicle RFID Entry Works

RFID-based access control systems use personal cards for workers.

A microchip in the key-card with 1024 bites keeps the information about its holder:

  • full name,
  • the date of birth,
  • ID-number,
  • the credit card.

It allows determining workers to control their access to the program. The main benefit of radiofrequency identifiers is their range of work. It can be small (20 cm to 1 meter), middle (1 to 5 meters), and large (5 to 200 meters). The last one is the most effective, and it can identify vehicles that enter the territory.

The Process of RFID-chips Installation

  1. When installing commercial access control, professionals start everything with a consultation. Before the start, the manager collects data about your company’s needs, your budget, the number of workers, and the purposes of the system.
  2. After preparations, experts move to install a system. This process includes testing hardware and software, placing checkpoints, teaching employees, and consulting company specialists on RFID’s abilities.
  3. Installers can implement a simple ready solution in a few weeks. Complicated custom systems require a few months to provide all the tests and set up the software. The timeline also depends on the company’s size.

Benefits of Working with Invision Security Group

Security systems installed by Invision are one of the most efficient and durable in a tri-state region. We work with clients personally, providing them with custom products. Call us for a free consultation to install a chip with Invision Security Group or receive advice.

Our goal is to protect clients from intrusions and other dangers. To become the best, we always test new technologies and improve competencies. Our engineers completed professional security system installation for retailers, offices, factories, restaurants, and other large and small businesses in twelve years.

Our methods fit the needs of different buildings, and we strive to make them even more efficient and widely applicable. Every commercial security system installed is a custom construction, and it is composed individually every time. That is the key to our trustworthiness and quality level.

Invision installs security devices from the leading companies on the market. Our specialists went through training and received certificates to work with their equipment.

The list of manufacturers and technologies producers includes:

  • Honeywell,
  • American Dynamics,
  • Aiphone,
  • Salient,
  • Avigilon and other top providers.

Other Security Services

Invision Security Group specializes in RFID technologies for business security system installation. With our programmers and managers, you can create a custom access mechanism for your company.

But RFID door entry system is just a part of our competencies list. Except for them, we provide access control systems of other types. This extra protection level is as efficient as window and door locks. Keyscanning, key cards for employees, and biometrics control are popular features.

Invision is a pro in installing turnkey intrusion alarm systems. They involve video surveillance, motion & heat sensors, break glass detectors, shock sensors, and safety alarms. We also provide 24/7 monitoring to achieve the maximum level of protection. Also, we install fire alarms and CCTVs.

Call us to receive a free consultation and start discussing your project. We serve in all areas of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. Let’s make your business safe together!

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Commercial Security Systems

Invision is a one-stop, full-service electronic security solutions provider for small and large business/organizations.

Turnkey Security Solutions Include:

  • Initial Site Survey
  • Design & Engineering
  • Configuration & Installation
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance