Must have security for car dealerships


Protecting Your Dealership From Theft

If you own or manage a dealership and want to protect yourself from theft, taking the proper steps to get the job done is vital. Criminals will not hesitate to enter your lot and take your most valuable cars or trucks if you give them the chance. Rather than allowing yourself to become another victim, learn how you can keep each vehicle on your lot safe. Since most criminals seek the easiest target, implementing a few security features will stop many of them from even trying, and you will achieve peace of mind.

Video Surveillance

Some dealerships think they can survive without having any video monitoring system in place, but they are inviting trouble by looking the other way. Having cameras in and around your lot gives you a way to track down those who wish to cause problems.

In some cases, having video footage allows you to prosecute and seek restitution from the people who stole from your lot. Posting signs around your dealership warning potential thieves that you are using monitoring equipment is usually enough to keep them away. When you are ready to enjoy the best results possible, install your cameras at the entrance, exit and in visible locations throughout your property.

Secure Your Lot With Lights and Fences

Placing a fence around your dealership can do wonders to keep bad people out while you are away. The fence you use should be at least 8 feet above the ground so that most people will have a hard time getting into your lot. Also, placing barbed wire at the top of your fence will take your results to the next level. Rather than using a solid fence that blocks the view of your lot from the street, opt for a chain-link fence. Trying to avoid detection, thieves make their move under the cover of a night sky. Keep them away by installing large lights across your lot and near your buildings.

Use a Monitored Security System

When criminals strike, a fast response by the police is the key to safeguarding your property from harm. While some people use no security system, others use security systems that only trigger an alarm without alerting anyone to the problem. If you want to keep your vehicles out of criminal hands, using a monitored security system will do the trick. When someone breaks into your dealership, it will contact the security company so that they can reach out to the police in your area.

Lock Your Vehicles and Secure Your Keys

Some people will laugh at this step, saying it sounds silly or unnecessary. Even though you might think it’s common sense, not everyone locks up the keys and cars at night. Some dealerships even leave the keys in the cars, which is asking for trouble. Get your staff in the habit of locking vehicles when they are not in use. You can store your keys in a safe to prevent people from accessing them without authorization. If you don’t already have a safe, get one that you can bolt into the floor and that is reinforced. Only give the access code to management staff to reduce the odds of an incident.

Final Thoughts

Taking a few steps to make your dealership a little safer can go a long way to prevent criminals from targeting you and your property, and you will sleep easy each night because you will know you are in good hands. The right security system will discourage people from breaking the law. Once you install your security system and see it in action for the first time, you will know you have done the right thing.