Protect your Business with an Ironclad Security Strategy


If you own a company, you already know that you need a reliable security system. However, you can make your business a fortress against potential threats if you take the right steps. The following 10 strategies can help you create a safe and secure atmosphere for yourself, employees, business partners and clients:

1. Install at Least Two Surveillance Cameras

Install one visible camera on the exterior of your building so that potential thieves know they are being watched. Install a second hidden surveillance camera inside the building as a way to record any undesirable actions aimed toward your staff or colleagues.

2. Hire a Professional Landscaper

Keep exterior foliage maintained by a landscaper. Thieves are less likely to rob your building if their actions are not protected by trees and bushes. Ask your landscaper to design a landscape featuring plants that contain thorns. Even a thief dreads the thought of being pricked in the wrong place.

3. Benefit from Efficient Lighting

Install efficient lights in all exterior areas of your building. Install lights near doors, on pathways, in the parking lot and near any other areas that surround your building.

4. Let Burglars know that you Mean Business

Find strategic areas to install signs letting others know that your building is protected by an excellent alarm system. Let potential thieves understand that their attempts to commit burglaries will set off loud alarms guaranteed to make them wish they had never attempted to enter the premises.

5. Hire a Locksmith to Add Window Stops

A certified locksmith can easily install protective window stops above the lowest portions of the windows in your building. Window stops make it difficult for thieves to open the windows all the way.

6. Install Commercial Grade Locks

Kill two security birds with one stone by asking the same locksmith to install sufficient locks offering exceptional security. You should also ask the locksmith to inspect all of the door and window locks and replace worn-out or rusty locks. Change all the locks if you recently purchased the building from a previous owner.

7. Reinforce your Business with Cybersecurity Tactics

Store all the data related to your business on digital computing equipment. Ensure complete privacy for specific employees by enabling them to have their own networks featuring exclusive passwords. Update antivirus software on a regular basis.

8. Protect Valuable Data

Buy a large safe for storing valuable items including payroll records, tax returns, money and any documents containing personal information about employees or clients. In addition, consider your option to install locks on all of the desk drawers and file cabinets.

9. Create and Distribute a Strong Security Policy

Let your workers know about all the security policies. Post a copy of the security policy on a bulletin board. Plus, distribute a copy of the policy to each employee. The policy should contain information about how to protect information stored on computers, security measures involving visitors and guidance about what to do in case of an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, fire or dangerous intruder.

10. Create a Company Task Force

Provide additional safety by creating a special team of employees who are trained to handle emergencies. Whether the emergency involves an injured employee, unexpected roof leak or possible loss of data, a dedicated task force offers ongoing protection for your business.