Security Camera Installation

Installing video surveillance systems. They include signals, sensors, security cameras, alarm detection and other options. We work with different kinds of businesses, from offices and stores to shops, bars, and restaurants. To start developing your project, please contact us.


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Leading a business has never been easy. To make it work, a businessman needs to care about many various things. It involves many aspects, from marketing to building strategies. Keeping safety issues in order is not the last thing to think about for a reliable company leader.

The most widespread and simple way to do that is by installing video surveillance systems. They include signals, sensors, and, of course, security cameras. It is a necessary detail of every system, allowing it to operate normally. Before taking direct steps, you should know some important facts about video surveillance system installation specifics.

Security Camera Installation

Why Service-Based Establishments Need Security Cameras

To start with, it is a great investment in increasing the safety and trustworthiness of your business. You can no longer hesitate about security – cameras are allowed in all locations except lockers, bathrooms, and other places, where privacy is critically important. There are no more obstacles to installation.

And, as practice shows, any public places where services are provided to customers with surveillance systems have a bigger chance to stay on top and work after 5 years of functioning.

There are a few reasons related both to security and other factors

  • The most expected consequence is the reduced number of thefts. Even though it doesn’t impact directly, when people see cameras, stealing doesn’t feel so easy for them. Even if someone takes some snacks or items without paying, defining the intruder’s identity gets easy.
  • Employee productivity improves. According to statistics and research, workers are more effective if there is a surveillance system installed. With cameras, a manager can monitor staff’s temp of work, motivate them with increased salaries or cut back.
  • The level of security increases in general, and the chance of intrusion decreases. Customers and clients feel stronger protection if they see cameras in the trading halls and restaurant rooms.
  • Contacting your insurance company gets easier. Many agents will offer you a lower price if there are cameras installed. You will need records from cameras to prove the fact of vandalism, fire, or burglaries if it suddenly happens. Getting compensation will be easier, compared with the case when you have only indirect signs.

As you see, security cameras help to improve your business in a financial way too. And what can be better for the business than improving its economical productivity? Also, it is the way you show attention and care for both customers and staff. So why not receive video surveillance installation services right now?

Important Areas for Security Camera Installation

Some owners may think that commercial security camera installation is necessary only in areas where clients come and where staff operates. However, this is a bit more complicated mechanism, and there are more details to take into account.

You must monitor not only the customer and worker safety, but also take care of food preservation, prevent thefts, and security risks. The top of unexpected places where business security camera system installation is obligatory consists of:

  • the safe, to protect it from fraud, should never be located at the blind camera spot;
  • the office (a safe is often kept here!), where legal risks are quite high;
  • bathroom halls & drink stations, where cameras can keep customers and workers safe in the case of a slip or a fall;
  • the kitchen/lunchroom must be watched due to sanitary and staff risks, and also food misusage;
  • pay attention to the back door, where crimes can easily take place, and contact outdoor security camera installation companies for motion-activated devices;
  • the coolers area, where the key to a great financial loss can be hidden, because workers can steal food or just close the door improperly;
  • business security camera installation in a drive-thru area will help to improve the security level and watch potential robberies through the window;
  • monitor the employee line to help customers and workers solve disputes fairly and provide some proof for complaints;
  • commercial security camera system installation should be involved in the bar area, where many conflicts or accidents may happen due to alcohol. Also, parking lots and gate checks are risk areas.

When these areas are under surveillance, keeping your restaurant or a shop in a safe condition will get significantly easier. Another thing you need to remember – lockers, bathrooms, and toilets are illegal to place cameras at.

Those are private zones where customers and workers should stay alone. Also, in most states, you cannot use hidden cameras and cameras with microphones. Use easily-noticed, only image-recording services.

Security Cameras in Protection Systems

Security camera installation for business includes not only cameras themselves. They function as a part of a large system created from many components, both hardware, and software. That is because crimes are so variable, and they can be not only physical but also cyber-based.

While there is a burglar in the world happening every 13 seconds, every shop, office, or restaurant should be protected properly. It doesn’t matter whether you own a cafe, a motel, or just a small deli, your workers and clients must be protected from criminal, theft, and harassment. Video surveillance systems can be very advanced, and perform many functions.

Customization of Security Camera Installation Near Me

According to the needs of your business, security camera system installation companies can offer you different functions and devices. There are some special features suitable for small and large businesses. If you ask how much installation costs for a video commercial surveillance, the answer is – it depends on configuration.

Before signing agreements, you should know whether you need certain options or not.

An average security monitoring system for business can include:

  • motion-activated cameras;
  • glass-break preventing sensors;
  • magnetic cards systems with sensors;
  • thermal perimeter surveillance;
  • alarm detection.

Magnetic cards entrance mechanism is applicable if you need to monitor when your workers go in and out. Together with security cameras, it allows the creation of trustworthy statistics that monitors employees’ effectiveness.

Alarm verification is a great solution to achieve a faster police reaction. With voice or video verification, it allows receiving real-time information during a break-in, so law enforcement will come faster.

Thermal surveillance is effective for a night-vision outdoor security camera system. This is the newest innovation, the most effective and advanced technology. It should be installed outside, so outdoor assets will be under surveillance, and intrusions will be prevented before they start.

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Invision Security Group offers its help at commercial security camera installation near me.

We serve in all Philadelphian areas:

We work with different kinds of businesses, from offices and stores to shops, bars, and restaurants. We are providing a professional security camera installation near me and give consultation to all clients coming.

Before security camera installation, we inspect your premises properly, mark places where video surveillance is necessary. Our security camera installation business is all custom and suits certain locations. To start developing your project, please contact us.

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