Employee Spotlight: Kevin Dooley


At ISG, all of our team members are hard-working, motivated individuals! One of those individuals is Sr. Service & Installation Technician, Kevin Dooley, and we want to recognize his talent and enthusiasm this month in our Employee Spotlight!

How long have you been working at Invision Security? 

I’ve been working at Invision for a year and a half.

What was your first impression of Invision Security?

My first impression of Invision Security was a great atmosphere, good people. I couldn’t wait to start to work with them.

Why did you make the move to Invision Security?

I made the move to Invision Security because I moved back into the area and I was looking for one of the leading integrators and they were hiring and here I am.

What do you enjoy most about working at Invision Security?

There are so many things that I enjoy which makes it tough to single out one, but I would say the flexibility of being able to make an impact on so many different types of people all the time, all day long every day. That’s what we do, it really is.

What has been the most important innovation you have witnessed in your lifetime?

Makes me think about how old I am. I would have to say the Cellphone. I’m old, right, not that old, but payphones were a thing for me, pagers were a thing for me. The cellphone is amazing.

What is your personal philosophy?

One of my personal philosophies is “Work smarter, not harder”.

What is one thing you cannot resist?

The one thing I cannot resist is Soda.

What is the best place you’ve traveled to and why?

The best place I’ve traveled to without a doubt would be Hawaii, for a week (which was too short) for my brother’s wedding. I would go back, actually, I would leave right now, Bye! I really would, it’s an awesome place.

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Invision Security Named one of Philadelphia’s “Best Places to Work” for 2019 by the Philadelphia Business Journal

Invision Security Group, a leading commercial security integrator, is honored to announce being recently named one of the “Best Places to Work” in the Greater Philadelphia Area in the Small Business Category for 2019 by the Philadelphia Business Journal. The Journal hosts an event yearly “honoring the employers who go above and beyond to create exemplary workplaces.”

According to the Journal’s website… 

“For 2019, we had a record number of applications for Best Places to Work and every company included here had to reach a statistical benchmark to be included. It’s not an easy benchmark to meet.” 

Invision Security Group joins other top Small Philadelphia Businesses such as The Garces Culinary Group, First Resource Bank, and the Graysquare Marketing Agency to name a few.

It’s an honor to be nominated,” said Annette Smith, President & COO. “The heart and soul of who we are as an organization really rests on the members of our team. Individually we are so different, but together we make an unstoppable force!”

On Tuesday morning, July 30th, the Co-founders & Staff of Invision Security Group attended the Philadelphia Business Journal’s Awards Ceremony and Celebration at the 2300 Arena, an entertainment venue in South Philadelphia, to receive the award and be recognized along with their peers. The Journal put on a fantastic, colorful event with an amazing breakfast spread, many photo opportunities and music, complete with networking with fellow top award-winning Philadelphia businesses. There was much to celebrate as the group was invited to take center stage to receive the award. This was certainly a day to be remembered in the rich and decorated history of Invision Security Group.

Invision Security Group is a women-led, family-owned organization with over 300 years of combined industry experience.  Born as a result of passion and tireless commitment to protecting the interests of people, Invision is a leading integrator for electronically controlled integrated solutions throughout Philadelphia and the Tri-State Region. Since our inception, our success has come from a strong commitment to quality. This commitment to excellence has resulted in many highly regarded installations from a wide-ranging group of different industries that needed the integration of access control, intrusion detection, and video surveillance.

To learn more about the culture and industry impact of Invision Security Group, you can follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

Invision Security Group Partners with Software House

Invision Security Group is pleased to announce its partnership with enterprise security technology provider Software House.  With their impeccable reputation for reliable solutions and their track record of working with the most discerning clientele from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies, it seemed like an ideal match to Invision’s leadership.

“We are very excited to partner with Software House in order to provide our clients with progressive and leading-edge security technologies,” said Dave Charles, VP of Sales & Business Development. “Software House has a rich pedigree as one of the premier industry leaders. Subsequently, we intend to leverage their broad product solution offerings to enhance our portfolio to better serve and protect the interests of our customers in a consistently evolving and dynamic climate.”

“Invision uniquely recognizes the litany of security challenges facing our customers today,” Dave said. “By adding Software House as a key partner,  we are more effectively able to combat these challenges in a more meaningful way.”

About Software House

“With an open architecture and unsurpassed integration platform, Software House C-Cure solutions allows customers to integrate seamlessly with critical security and business applications giving users full control through a single user interface. Whether your business calls for highly elaborate integration between multiple systems, or a simple connection between an alarm and a camera, Software House delivers the right systems and the right level of integration. C-Cure can be integrated with a variety of third-party products from video and intercom to intrusion and fire detection. Software House continues its commitment to expanding these products and services to meet the diverse and growing needs of its customers.” For additional information please visit

Employee Spotlight: Erica Rigler


At ISG, all of our team members are hard-working, motivated individuals! One of those individuals is Sr. Sales Executive, Erica Rigler, and we want to recognize her drive and talent in this month’s Employee Spotlight!

How long have you been working at Invision Security? 

I’ve been working at Invision Security for about a year and a half.

What was your first impression of Invision Security?

My first impression of Invision was fresh, young, forward-thinking, the ability to think outside-the-box type of atmosphere. That was what I first felt when I came in for my initial set of interviews and then when I first started working here. I think that’s what I still find here today.

Why did you make the move to Invision Security?

I made the move to Invision Security for several reasons. The first being, I wanted a better customer experience for the end-users. I wanted a more family atmosphere and I had been in the national accounts in the larger organizations for quite some time and felt pretty much as though I was just a number and wasn’t able to provide the service that I wanted to for my clients. Also, my upper mobility wasn’t quite where I thought it should be, so that’s why I made the move.

What do you enjoy most about working at Invision Security?

The thing I enjoy most about Invision Security Group would probably be the fun and light atmosphere in the office, everyone is very friendly and it seems more like a family setting as opposed to everyone just comes in and sits in their space and doesn’t interact.

How do you define success?

I define success based on my reputation… if someone hears my name, or is engaged with someone that knows me, they say positive things about me. On a personal note, I define success because I have got some great kids and that’s my biggest accomplishment is my kids.

What does true leadership mean to you?

True leadership to me is someone who has the ability to allow their people, their peers, their direct reports, the ability to be themselves, think freely, approach them with ideas, embrace those ideas and take into account and consideration everything everyone is saying and to get in with their people, their teams, and really be part of the day to day and what is going on and be open. That’s what I think is the most important thing.

What is the best or most impactful book that you have ever read?

The most impactful book I’ve ever read would be, without question, “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg. I love that book; it spoke to me in a lot of ways and I think that it does many people.

What is the best place you’ve traveled to and why?

The best travel experience I have had thus far would be Spain. The reason it was the best for me was I found that it was the most profound experience from an architectural standpoint and the visuals, sunsets, I thought it was very breathtaking. And good wine, always important.

What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?

The one thing that I cannot live without, at this point in my life, and I think it would vary depending on where you are in your life, but right now it would be my husband, my marriage. The kids are grown, they’ve pretty much flown the nest and it’s a happy time. And of course, I have to have wine, I could never live without the wine, so there’s that.

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11 Practical Ways to Save Money by Avoiding False Alarms from Your Commercial Security System

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Lately, authorities in jurisdictions across the country have begun to crack down on local companies by charging fines for false alarms in order to recoup some of the costs associated with responding to these calls. These new practices only add to the overall costs of security for an organization and compile unnecessary stress onto the shoulders of the business owners. 

As a leading integrator in the commercial security industry, Invision Security Group strives to provide our customers with a customized system that will greatly minimize, if not eliminate, false alarms completely, giving them back their peace of mind. 

There are a lot of ways that your security system could throw off a false alarm causing confusion during the workday or waking you or your employees up in the middle of the night. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways that business owners can avoid these inconveniences by implementing some simple modifications to their company’s day-to-day policies & procedures. 

We asked our experienced and dedicated staff of installers, service technicians, salespeople and customer support specialists for their best tips for avoiding false alarms and were inspired by their responses to share the wealth with our loyal customers. 

1.) Ensure that the designated employees have the proper access codes to disarm the system if necessary. Those that do not have access should not be trying to disarm the system.

2.) Be sure that individuals that are on your call list are aware that they have been designated as such and are responsive to phone calls or alerts during off-hours.  They should also be aware of what factors related to the business could trigger a false alarm so they are prepared. I.e. construction, animals on the perimeter, etc.

3.) You should be training your staff monthly or quarterly on your own protocols. Having more than one person attend the post-installation training is key.

4.) If you are using motion sensors, ensure that they are placed in an area that has minimal background motion and/or noise. Placement is very important. 

5.) After having your windows and doors cleaned, be sure to check any connections that are a part of your system.

6.) It is important to have sufficient delays on doors for employees and/or patrons that walk slower than the average person, i.e. retirement communities, hospitals, doctor’s offices, etc.

7.) Refrain from hanging signs and banners from the ceiling. Also, remember to turn off ceiling fans and remove any balloons after a party. These could set off motion sensors after the system is armed while the air is circulating. 

8.) Make sure that the batteries in any motion sensors and all door and window contacts are in good working order.

9.) Maintain & test your entire system monthly or quarterly to ensure all devices are functioning properly.

10.) Always advise your alarm monitoring provider of construction projects taking place at your facility or in the area or if something is damaged.

11.) If you suspect trouble, call your security provider as soon as possible. Do not wait until the end of the day. If something seems off, it probably is; trust your instincts.

If you and your staff follow this handy list of guidelines to administer your own security system in-house, you will greatly lessen the chance of having a costly false alarm inconveniencing you while you are busy running your business. 

If you found this article useful or would like to add other suggestions, feel free to reach out to us and give us your feedback. We love hearing from our customers.

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Recently named one of the “Best Places to Work in Greater Philadelphia 2019 – Small Companies”  by The Philadelphia Business Journal

New Hire: Dave Charles, VP of Sales & Business Development

Invision Security Group is pleased to announce its newest hire, Dave Charles, who will join ISG as Vice President of Sales & Business Development. In this role, Dave will work with the sales team to drive and accelerate sales revenue and facilitate growth in key cities in the United States. In addition, Dave will work closely with ownership on overall business strategy.

“I am honored to be joining an organization that is experiencing rapid growth in an industry that is still very fragmented and in a state of perpetual change. It will be my privilege to play a unique role in ISG’s continued success as an industry thought leader,” said Dave.

Dave comes to ISG with over 24 years of experience in the security industry. Over the course of his career, Dave has held leadership roles in numerous organizations. He has a strong background in multi-channel selling environments. Additionally, he has been able to accumulate a wealth of industry and product knowledge that will serve ISG’s growth well into the future. Especially, as they seek to expand their market share in the enterprise space while simultaneously leveraging the success of their core business.

When asked why he chose to join ISG, Dave attributes his decision to “[his] belief in the vision and leadership style of the founders, Brandon and Annette Smith.”

VP of Sales & Business Development

Employee Spotlight: TJ Mainiero


At ISG, all of our team members are hard-working, motivated individuals! One of those individuals is Service Technician, TJ Mainiero, and we want to recognize his drive and dedication this month in our Employee Spotlight!

How long have you been working at Invision Security? 

Coming up on 3 years now.

What do you enjoy most about working at Invision Security?

Being able to wake up every day and have a job that provides for my family.

What was your first impression of Invision Security?

I was unsure, working so far from where I live, it was definitely a change. But being here, I love the job! It’s what I was doing before, but it’s more fun doing it working for this company than where I was before.

What experience do you bring to Invision Security? 

Being able to speak to the technology to our customers.

What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?

Bacon Pizza.

Where is your favorite place to be?

In Ocean City, MD camping with the family.

Tell us something that might surprise us about you.

I like fixing things and tinkering with broken stuff to figure out how to get it to work again. I’ve fixed so many Keurig machines for my Mom it’s ridiculous.

If you could do another job for just one day, what would it be? 

I’d say an Under Sea Welder, just to see what it’s like.

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