Tenant Entry Systems

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Many companies use video intercom systems to prevent unwanted guests from entering commercial buildings. These are special electronic devices that recognize faces, voices, or passwords. Such a technique is installed at the entrance, and only people with special permission may go inside. The appliance can be controlled by a person or have an independent operation (through a password or a card).

Tenant Entry Systems

How Do Video Intercom Systems Operate?

A commercial security system is mounted to monitor visitors in a building. Also, such devices are used for apartments. Opening the door is performed after verifying the person and recognizing its purpose of entering the premises. The appliance is controlled remotely and is connected to a security post, offices, or a mobile device.

There are different types of entry control systems:

  • Tenant stations.
  • Master variants.
  • Entrance points.
  • Mobile apps.

The first kind is popular for large-scale commercial facilities and big organizations. The main door control can be joined to a check-in post or with each room.

Why is it Important to Install Tenant Entry Systems?

Any property owner wants to be sure of the personalities who visit their office. Such apartment building access control systems are designed to monitor guests or secure the delivery of goods. It creates more reliable protection for personnel inside the building. It is a combination of software and digital equipment that allows a two-way conversation between an employee and a visitor. Any tenant might identify the guest and open the door electronically.

Modern rear access systems allow you to open doors for guests from anywhere. You can connect the device with your tablet or smartphone to control entry and exit remotely. Some electronic access systems give you a login code that you give only to trusted visitors.

Multi-Tenant and Single Entry Systems

There are two types of electronic access equipment: single and multi-tenant. The first model is a link between a visitor and a check-in counter or security post. Here is an item with two components: a receiver and a doorbell. Such commercial access control systems are installed in shops, small offices, clinics, etc. One person has access to check such an intercom and monitors the front door. He decides who can be let into the premises, and this operation is carried out using a button inside the building.

The second entry type is a multi-user station. The appliance has a call button, video camera, speaker, and microphone. The visitor may connect to any room in the building. The door device has a searchable digital directory. The guest may find the room number or employee name to contact a person directly. Such a commercial apartment security system is installed in large enterprises, in each factory block, big offices, and so on.

Why Every Commercial Building Should Have a Tenant Entry System

The business security system installation increases the safety of your property and personnel because unwanted visitors will not enter the building. Many employees say that they are happy to have such devices to feel more secure while working.

The advantages of such equipment are as follows:

  • Increasing efficiency. Discuss this with your staff and get their opinion — many will say that access control systems make their functionalized process more secure and comfortable.
  • Reducing the number of thefts that occur in case of incorrect delivery operation (goods, stationery, products, and so on).
  • Checking staff hours. Each employee can have an entry and exit card to calculate his working time.
  • Reducing the number of entries of unwanted and even dangerous individuals. Some personalities entering your commercial premises may pose a threat to people.
  • Improved interaction with visitors. You don’t give access to people who look suspicious.

Modern technology has more advanced features to ensure increased safety of staff and property. Video intercom systems for business are a simple, effective, and reliable way to protect against unwanted guests.

Responsible Installer for Your Business

Now clients could be calm about their property and building because our company offers reliable equipment mounting. Invision Security Group provides professional security system installation, monitoring, and a technical support. The unwanted person will not go inside your organization because we will equip the entrances with modern techniques.

Our experts create a detailed work plan to take into account any little things. Our crew has various systems for small firms and large enterprises. We will consider any of your requirements to provide your property with maximum protection. Only you know the weaknesses of your commercial building, we can protect the front door and staff and the outdoor area.

Our specialists carefully examine the scope of work to do the job quickly and efficiently. We operate in Philadelphia and nearby regions so that you may wait for our group soon. Our team has a lot of experience and quality tools to make the security system installation.

All-in-one Comprehensive

Commercial Security Systems

Invision is a one-stop, full-service electronic security solutions provider for small and large business/organizations.

Turnkey Security Solutions Include:

  • Initial Site Survey
  • Design & Engineering
  • Configuration & Installation
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance

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