Tonya D.

Property Management

I wouldn’t think of calling anyone else! Great service. Fair price. Excellent service response time.

I worked with Brandon Smith and the team at Invision on a high rise condominium in Philadelphia. As the client, I needed the parking system (gates) upgraded, traffic to flow in the opposite directions, and to add a resident-only entrance/exit. We also replaced our grave controllers with RFID tags so the tags for the garage also worked with the gate and residents only needed 1 device.

It was well designed, and at an excellent price point. Delivery and construction were fast, and response time for any issue (even when a guest drove through the gate) was wonderful. Less than 2 hours on a weekend!

I ask Invision to bid on all properties I manage and they are always my go-to company. Two thumbs up.

Tonya D.

Satisfied Customer

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