Top 10 Security Tips For The Private Practice Owner


You want your business to be a success, but first it needs to be protected. Video security can protect your company from shoplifting and dangers, but it can also protect against problems like employee theft. Any type of criminal activity or theft can end up harming your business. Through video security, you can deter crime and catch criminals in the act.

1. Monitor Back Alleys and Hidden Areas

Unfortunately, you cannot see everything. Most businesses have hidden areas like rear entrances and back alleys. Parking areas and dark spaces are targets for criminals. When a criminal tries to access your safe or storeroom, they will wait in a dark, unlit area as they case the building. In addition, your employees are at risk when they go to hidden, dark areas. Whether you want to protect your employees from harm or prevent theft, these spaces need to be monitored. With a video monitoring system, you can record forced entry and improve the safety of your employees.

2. Prevent Crime and Catch Criminals

If you wanted to rob a business, would you choose a company with or without security cameras? Most criminals are going to pick the easiest target possible. When you install cameras at your company, it shows that your business is harder to steal from. Thieves would much rather find an easier target. By getting help from companies like Invision Security Group, you can evaluate your security needs and set up the right monitoring system.

There are times when a criminal will still try to rob a company that has video surveillance. If there are a lot of valuable products or cash, they might want to take the risk. Luckily, video surveillance systems allow you to record any theft. If a theft does occur, you can use the footage to help police catch the criminals and return your stolen property.

3. Reduce Your Insurance Premiums

Video surveillance protects your business from crime, but it can also help you to save money. You can protect your bottom line by reducing your insurance costs. Some insurance companies will give you a discount if your business is protected through surveillance systems. They are willing to do this because you are less likely to need a payout than a similar, unprotected company. In addition, your cameras make it less likely that you would need a reimbursement payout. If you are robbed in the future, your surveillance system can be used to prove to the insurance company that a robbery took place.

4. Track Your Products and Stock Room

Unfortunately, employee theft is a common problem. Whether you run a retail store or a large warehouse, your stock room stores all of your valuable merchandise. An employee might try to steal office supplies or merchandise when no one is around. Likewise, a thief may break in to rob the stock room when no one is working. By getting surveillance cameras, you can monitor your stock room at all times. This is especially useful if your stock room happens to be far away from the rest of your business. Even when no one is nearby, your stock room is guarded and protected. As an added benefit, the security cameras can boost your employees’ safety.

5. Make Sure That Janitors Do Their Work

Most businesses hire maintenance and cleaning crews after the work day is over with. You do not want to inconvenience your employees or customers by having janitors working during the business day. Because of this, maintenance and cleaning staff are often unsupervised for hours at a time. While an ethical employee will still do a good job, other employees might take excessive breaks or skip some of the work. Through video surveillance, you can check up on the employees at all times. Some systems allow you to monitor the premises remotely through an internet connection. When employees know that they are being monitored and recorded, they are more likely to get their work done in a timely, professional manner.

6. Boost the Safety of Your Parking Lot

One of your biggest liability issues is your employees. If the employee is injured while they are working for you, you could end up with a huge workers’ compensation bill later on. Even if your employees and customers do not park at your site, it is still important to ensure their safety. You can use video surveillance to prevent vandalism, assault and vehicle break-ins. In addition to protecting your employees, your camera system can ensure that all of your clients feel safe while they are walking to and from their vehicle.

7. Monitor POS Transactions

Unfortunately, some employees might try to steal money from bank deposits. Other workers may give their friends an unauthorized discount or a free drink. The only way that you can catch these theft incidents is by installing security cameras. When you create your security system, make sure that the cameras have a view of any cash handling or POS terminal. If someone does try to steal from your business, you will be able to catch them.

8. Watch Your Loading Docks

Loading docks are another site where criminals can gain unauthorized entry. While your workers load and unload items, someone could slip through the back door without anyone realizing. A CCTV security system helps you easily monitor what is going on when you are not there. You can quickly and easily monitor exactly who is on your loading dock at any point in time.

9. Make Sure Your Employees Are Actually Working

When you are at the office, you can easily see if your employees are actually getting work done. As soon as you leave, their behavior might change. If you are not able to be at the office all of the time, then you can use cameras to make sure that your employees are actually working. One way to monitor excessive breaks or socializing is by putting cameras in common areas and break rooms. You can also place cameras near workspaces so that you can see who is actually working and being productive.

10. Monitor Who Enters Your Front Door

This is especially important for preschools and high-end retailers. For a preschool, the front door needs to be monitored to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering the building or potentially kidnapping a child. If you run a high-end jewelry, art or antique shop, then you need to make sure that thieves are unable to enter the business. A video intercom system can help, but video surveillance will allow you to actually see who is trying to enter your business. When you install a surveillance system, you are able to decide if someone is a security risk before you let them into the building.