Vehicle Access Control

Vehicle Access Control installation to protect your property, personnel, and commercial area. Invision Security Group perform mounting, configuration, and technical support. We help protect your territory or building from any threats in Philadelphia and the surrounding regions.


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Many commercial areas need transportation access. Any business owner wants to protect their property, building, and employees with the help of modern security systems. The best solution is to mount a gate or a barrier with reliable vehicle access control. This equipment will provide maximum security and prevent loss or damage to all autos entering and leaving your business territory.

Vehicle Access Control

What is a Vehicle Access Control System?

This is a set of devices that work to detect transportation. These are installed on doors, gates, and barriers throughout a commercial facility where you need controlled access. The professional security system installation detects an approaching vehicle and automatically opens the gate or barrier. After the car or truck has passed, the system closes.

Now your facility can operate without guard posts and hire territory protection staff. Access will be fully automated, and in the event of an emergency, the system gives alarms and notifications. Unwanted or potentially dangerous visitors could not enter your company without permission or a special pass. You may visually screen guests with a camera and audio system to make decisions about admitting them to your commercial property.

To answer the question – how much is a vehicle access control cost -, it is important to understand that it depends on many factors. These are the type of appliance, a set of modifications, and other features. The approximate price of electronic access systems varies from $4,000 to $6,000.

Many businessmen save on the installation of such equipment, so they risk losing their property, or the firm’s personnel may be at risk. At the same time, this increases the security of your enterprise and employees because hiring guards will not prevent all potential threats.

Video or Vehicle RFID Access Control

This commercial access control works to recognize vehicles and open gates or barriers. All entering automobiles are checked to be allowed on the territory of the enterprise.

This control is carried out in two ways:

  • Cameras and special software recognize the license plate.
  • Reading RFID tags that are attached to each car. This special reader has a long-range function (distance up to 8 meters).

All info is sent to a database which consists of all transportations available in your company. The equipment works in conjunction with a driver’s pass. The database contains information about visitors (staff) and their entry permits. When the device recognizes the number of the automobile or its RFID tag, compares the data with the database, and does not find an error, the gate or barrier will open.

Basic Vehicle Access Control

These access control systems offer easy control for autos entering and exiting. The license plate goes on a scan, checked in the database, and the barrier will be opened. You need special software and a video camera with built-in analytics to function. Installers might add a video intercom so that employees can coordinate the transportation that comes to the post. Such a vehicle access control gates system can be improved and modernized.

Advanced Access Control

This equipment of the commercial security system is designed for higher needs. Here you can set up different access rights for various vehicles. Or you create an event log to make it easier to support authorization visitors. A modernized vehicle gate access control is a benefit for large-scale corporations or factories. It is similar to the basic type, but the data from the camera is parsed according to the set parameters.

The license plate of the arriving auto must be on the list and authorized for definite visiting hours. The arrival of the automobile is recorded on the server. The authorization list in the basic vehicle access control system has about 1,000 cars; here, you can enter up to 50,000 vehicles.

Reliable Protection for Your Business

We offer quality business security system installation to protect your property, personnel, and commercial area. Invision Security Group is a crew of certified experts who perform mounting, configuration, and technical support of modern safety appliances. We help protect your territory or building from any threats. Our goal is to introduce modern equipment that will detect and notify you of any danger.

The company provides security system installation service very operative; we work in Philadelphia and the surrounding regions. Any business needs to be protected, and your employees want to work in maximum safety. We understand the importance of these aims and install improved surveillance, detection, and alarm devices. Contact our managers to discuss the details of the mounting process. Our group attentively studies the details, taking all your personal recommendations into account.

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Invision is a one-stop, full-service electronic security solutions provider for small and large business/organizations.

Turnkey Security Solutions Include:

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