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Ensuring the physical security of your business is one of the top priorities. Of course, you have an intercom system, but does it meet modern safety requirements? How do you control people’s access to your office or building?

Theft of property or essential documents is a severe loss, but responsibility for the lives of employees and customers is an entirely different level. Modern commercial video intercom systems for businesses can provide it. They have a set of additional features that improve the quality and reliability of the protection of the object.

Video Intercom Systems

How Did Intercom for Business Appear?

Intercoms in offices have been in use for decades. These special communication devices help people see and talk to each other.

At first, the system was intended for communication between employees in neighboring rooms. Today, you can use it in another way. However, technology is constantly improving.

Modern video intercom systems for business are equipped with additional functions that meet a wide variety of goals and objectives. With the help of these gadgets, users (for example, tenants) can communicate within the office and with clients and provide them with remote access. High-tech offices and apartment building access control systems automate routine tasks.

How do intercoms work? The intercom system is a talkback device for voice communication inside a building or on a territory. It has options for transmitting and receiving audio and video messages.

Now, these are complex hardware and software and not just single-line devices. It is the central information node in the office or enterprise. There are many models on the market depending on the needs. These may be simple one-way systems, but audio and video intercoms, integrated and multi-tenant ones, are gaining popularity.

Here are the top reasons why you should budget for an intercom:

  • Non-contact inhalation-exit. Visitors do not have to talk to the receptionist at the counter. This moment has become most relevant in the last couple of years. The client does not experience discomfort and can always prove that he was on time waiting his turn.
  • Visit regulation. Every year the number of visitors increases. Now commercial security systems enable you to let in waited clients.
  • Delivery tracking. The number of online orders is increasing. Now you can remotely manage the delivery of equipment and necessary goods at the right time right to the office. Tenants can issue one-time passes for couriers. And they will be able to enter the premises at a strictly specified time automatically.

Why Does Business Need Intercom?

Installing video intercom systems for apartment buildings gives you many benefits. It will help to minimize all risks and set up smooth business processes. A dedicated team of professionals takes care of the efficiency and implementation of the product. The company does not just carry out the security system installation but also develops a commercial strategy for protecting your property and building.

Every organization must deal with the physical safety of employees and visitors. Today, many threats can cause severe damage to property and assets. Therefore, you need an apartment security system.

So, how do apartment intercoms work? It provides a fully established connection and uninterrupted communication 24/7.

The presence of an intercom system creates a safe working environment allowing:

  • commercial access control at the entrance to the territory of the facility, to the office,
  • issue permits only to certain people, restricting entry to outsiders and undesirables,
  • manage multiple objects and locations,
  • reduce the risk of vandalism, robbery, and trespass.

The video intercom systems for apartments can be integrated into an existing security plan. It increases the level of safety and provides peace of mind.

Effective incentives for business are:

  • Enhanced communication within the company. Protection will be able to monitor visitors and employees. This is how you increase customer loyalty trust and create an impeccable reputation.
  • High level of security. This solution shows your employees and customers that you care about their well-being and life. But it is essential to choose a product that meets your requirements and has all the necessary functions.

Key Office Intercom System Components

When choosing the right product and finding out how apartment intercoms work, you should know the main parts of electronic access systems. These key components are found in all brands.

Wired and Wireless Devices

You can choose wired or wireless video intercom systems for business communication between the entry station and the substations in the offices. Therefore, they can be connected through Wi-Fi or wires.

Modern and advanced access control systems transmit information via Wi-Fi directly to smartphones. It saves time and budget. In addition, visitors can communicate with employees via video chat and stay in touch. Also, the staff can warn the guards that the expected client will come at a particular time.

Door Opening Principle

While professional security system installation, you will have to decide whether visitors can open the door themselves. Front door locks are not supplied with the whole set but are essential for efficient door video intercom systems.

For business security system installation, choosing a magnetic or electric entrance lock that will open when a signal is received is recommended. The difference between these two is that an electric lock needs electricity for opening, while a magnetic one needs electricity to keep it closed.

Operating System Type

Intercom software is its main component. It allows you to manage the entrance of employees and security options. Also, its capabilities may be suitable for integration into other security systems.

A modern and reliable option is a cloud OS. You will be able to manage it in different places, even in another city.

The Right Choice for Your Video Intercom Systems for Business in Philadelphia

Many customers face a problem – there are many companies offering intercom installation services, but who can be trusted? Invision Security Group has been a top installer for over a decade. The company provides a reasonable ratio of quality services and affordable prices.

In their work, specialists use only the equipment of the world’s leading manufacturers, verified by many satisfied customers. Experts follow the development of technology and actively introduce new products.

All devices are pre-tested. Therefore, customers do not face problems and failures. In addition, the number of offices is constantly increasing. You can now find the nearest in your city in Philadelphia: Allentown, Doylestown, Reading, Warminster, Cherry Hill, etc., and in Deptford, Glassboro, Trenton, and others in New Jersy.

All-in-one Comprehensive

Commercial Security Systems

Invision is a one-stop, full-service electronic security solutions provider for small and large business/organizations.

Turnkey Security Solutions Include:

  • Initial Site Survey
  • Design & Engineering
  • Configuration & Installation
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance

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