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Invision Security, named by Inc 500 as one of the fastest growing companies in America, is a leading integrator for electronically controlled integrated solutions throughout the Greater Philadelphia Region, the Tri-State Area and beyond.

Customer safety integration is our number one priority. If you’re in need of a proactive security team of professionals to be at your side 24/7/365, then you’ve come to the right place. It doesn’t require a commitment to start a relationship with us. We are here to help, feel free to ask any question or request a risk-free consulation.

Facing contemporary business threats, full-fledged commercial protection and excellent risk management must be your top priority. And safety adjustment and improvement start with security consulting services from dependable experts who empower clients to mitigate all hazards, reduce costs, boost productivity, and gain more profit through delivering sound security advice.

It may be the wisest approach to cooperate with a consultant, especially if the expertise required for preventing crimes, spotting weaknesses of the existing security scheme, assessing vulnerabilities and their competent elimination is not available within your own company or organization. Thus, you need knowledgeable and devoted to measurable outcome experts at your side who are capable of recognizing potential breaches, analyzing all dangers your valuable assets and personnel may face, and building applicable and integrated solutions. The key objectives of professionals are:

  • To protect your budget by replacing the unnecessary outdated systems with upgraded, modernized, and cost-efficient innovations;
  • To identify the degree of exposure for your company and all potential causes of financial damage;
  • To spot the ill-informed security decisions that don’t deliver any results;
  • Design the program for mitigation of risks and crime prevention.

Top strategic reasons to hire a security consulting company

  • The highest level of superior protection for your business thriving. Professional security consulting is a guarantee of an exceptionally safe working environment. With a lack of the appropriate level of security, your staff will feel unsafe and the rate of their performance will drop. One of the prioritized objectives for having a consultant is to create the safest possible workplace, so nothing will prevent your company from growing, strengthening its position on the market, and gaining an impeccable reputation.  
  • Effective advice for your defense against any type of threat. There is an array of internal and external threats that can be extremely harmful to businesses, including cyber and physical issues. Without a well-established procedure for handling incidents and with a poor algorithm for their management, your organization and the staff may suffer due to the unpleasant consequences. For example, an unauthorized person may enter without permission into a restricted area. Weighing all pros and cons, experts, more likely, will offer integration of access control systems to guard the property, timely deter unwanted guests penetrating inside, and ensure quick and hassle-free access for all workers.
  • A combination of innovative systems. There is no one-size-fits-all security tactic that will suit every business. Thus, components for enhancing commercial security systems must work flawlessly and in harmony based on your needs to obviate all unlawful actions in a capable manner. Specialists in providing security consulting services will help you to align your security plan with your commercial goals, outlining the considerable safety concerns and proposing proven ways on how to cope with them in the event of an emergency.

It is of paramount importance to know that the consultant you are partnering with is qualified to perform investigation and the security audit and share a fresh perspective on all determined issues to ensure superiority in every made suggestion. Thus, the key mission of Invision Security professionals is to deliver a bespoke consulting service and tailored guidance for your business protection.