THIS IS THE REASON why you should always hire a professional security company to avoid alarming situations.

A bunch of people had to slam on their car breaks when they saw seven toddlers in the middle of the road. The toddlers belonged to the Little Sunshine’s Playhouse & Preschool in Gilbert where their parents left them for daycare for the day. Things quickly became ugly and serious child security concerns when one of the gates of the school became malfunctioned. The toddlers went out through the gate and ran out in the middle of a busy road.

The toddlers could have ended up in tragic accidents, kidnapped or other critical situations.

The school has not only suspended the teachers but has also reported the issue to the Child Care licensing agency of the region. If online surveillance of the main gates, security gates were checked to ensure a safe passage, and CCTV cameras installed everywhere, the incident would not have happened in the first place.

Philadelphia’s top security company:

Invision Security offers an all-inclusive of fully-integrated security solutions for our child care & daycare customers utilizing state-of-the-art technology with highly customizable products to protect children, property, visitors, and staff. Mobile communication and real-time notifications are essential and of the utmost importance in the event of a crisis situation.

Parents are always concerned when it comes to the security of their kids. With the recent school shootings around the globe, it has become the utmost priority of the parents and guardians that the daycare centers have a secure environment. In 2019, 22 school shooting cases came forward in which a student was killed or injured severely. It means that even if you have to get your kid admitted to the best schools, there is no guarantee if that school has the best security and alarm system installed.

When it comes to the best security company in Philadelphia, Invision Security is ranked among the top due to the best security and control systems it provides in every field of life. The security services offered to the education sector are taken seriously and done with extreme professionalism. When it comes to toddlers and preschoolers, we visit the school now and then to ensure that the security tools and equipment we have installed are working correctly.

7 ways to make your Child Care Center safer for kids and toddlers

Invision Security will make your childcare center and preschool a safe place where children can focus on fun learning activities and not fear and faculty can focus on teaching. Our past record is proof of our strong security system where no mishap has happened to this date! Let’s take a look at our security solutions, tools, and equipment we install to ensure everyone’s security.

Access Control

It is important to add a protective layer to the daycare center or nursery school’s security by making the access control system strong and unbreakable.

It can be done with the help of our following services:

  • Keyless Entry Doors

By installing keyless entry doors we make sure that only parents/guardians are allowed to enter the school with authorizing pin codes or pass otherwise the door alarm will start buzzing.

  • Biometric System

Our strong biometric system enables fingerprint and facial recognition on the entrance doors so that no intruder can try to enter the childcare premises.

  • Entrance Call Solution

Our intercom allows the parents to talk from the outside if they have forgotten to bring their pass or have sent someone else to pick up the child from the school.

Surveillance System

Without security cameras systems and proper surveillance, no one can identify if an intruder is trying to break in or any violent act is going to happen inside the school.  Image quality to capture license plates and facial features is paramount for security management identification.

  • Security Cameras

We use high-quality security cameras and CCTV footage cameras and provide a security management software system to do the surveillance. Indoor and outdoor security cameras are installed so that the school administration can ensure children security. We provide 4K Ultra High-Definition Video so that the face of every individual comes clear in the video. This helps to identify people who are entering and leaving the childcare facility.

  • Video Intercom System

Our video intercom system allows the attendant to talk to the people outside the gates. It gives a clear picture of who you are talking to, who has come to pick up the kid or any other unforeseen situation to deal with.

Fire Alarm System

The fire alarm system is installed across the childcare facility in case of any smoke, spark or fire.  Heat sensors can also be installed in kitchens. These systems are of high quality and are a long-time investment. These systems are necessary for any unforeseen fire ensuring the precious lives of little kids.

Lock Down Solutions

Due to increased school shootings in the past, we have come up with a complete lock down solution. With the help of this security solution in Philadelphia, the doors and windows of the whole school will lock down if an intruder is trying to enter the school. In this way, the kids and staff will remain safe from any shooting and call 911 immediately.

Panic Button System

Our panic button system for classrooms is not like the traditional ones. They can be synchronized with any security system and security respondent you want. You can do customized settings in it according to the needs. Invision Security has stepped up the game of panic button systems by introducing tiny panic buttons that you can carry along while moving around.

These tiny panic buttons can be attached to your cardholder, key ring or purse. If any unforeseen situation comes like any medical emergency, violent act, intruder or shooter, the teachers, and administrative staff can simply press the panic button they are carrying and it will signal to the security response team secretly. It has revolutionized the security game and is so far a very affordable security solution in Philadelphia schools.

Visitors Management Platforms

We know that it’s a digital world and that is why we also offer visitors management software systems. The software is highly advanced and tracks every visitor including the staff that enters and leaves the childcare building. The timings, details, identity is recorded in this system because Philadelphia childcare safety and security is our primary concern.

Staff Training for Child security in schools

Invision Security doesn’t only provide security solutions. Installing security systems in schools is one thing but using them proactively and reacting when any unforeseen situation comes is the main thing.

At Invision Security, we have professional and expert security consultants. Once, your childcare center is done with our commercial security system installation, the next step is to give training to the staff members.

We teach each staff member to use these security tools and equipment we have installed so that everyone can be aware of how to act in an unexpected situation. The teachers and other employees are taught not to panic and keep the kids’ security at first priority.

The use of panic buttons, emergency calls, hiding out during shootings, safety drills session at school has built confidence in the teachers that they can keep the kids safe during a threat.

Invision Security: Why us?

The reason why we have hundreds of schools and daycare centers onboard is high-quality security services and proper maintenance. Philadelphia is not only a home for your kids, our kids live here too. We will support, upgrade and assist with the business security systems we provide to ensure your safety.

Why are people always recommending us?

Besides providing high-quality security solutions, support and staff training, people love our additional services, for example:

Scheduled Maintenance

Our child security services will not ditch you like the one in the Gilbert school because we give proper maintenance tours to our systems. We ensure that every system, tool, camera, door, the software is running well and there is no malfunction. These visits are often initiated by our company but are always accommodated on a requested one. So, if you feel there is the slightest issue in any of our services, you can call us IMMEDIATELY.

Affordable Prices

We offer very affordable prices for our customers. Keeping in mind the security situation of schools and childcare centers, we wanted to come up with an affordable security services. Our products are a one-time investment with the ability of expansion, which will run without any issue for years.

Security Consultation

At Invision Security, you can also get a fair consultation on what security system will be best for your childcare center. We will analyze your school’s premise, budget, location, and building and will suggest the best possible solution.

Quick Installation

Unlike other companies who take 2 days to install a security plan all around the school, we do it in a few hours. We have a professional team of technicians who are pro in security system installation. They will finish the job within the same day depending upon your requirements and will take care your property throughout the installation.

Contact us now to get a childcare security system installed in the Philadelphia Metro area and neighboring states.

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