Intrusion Alarm Systems

Loss prevention for large & Small business

Loss Prevention for Large & Small Business

If you are considering installing an intruder alarm to protect your home and/or business, then you are doing the right thing. After all, safety, which includes personal and property security, is one of the most basic needs of human beings according to Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. (What Is An Intrusion System)

Intrusion alarm systems: how does it work?

Security intrusion detection provides you with two layers of defense. The first tier is its electronic senses. The system acts as your digital eyes and ears; detecting intruders and other signs of suspicious activity. Once it detects something, it sends the information to the second line of defense. The second tier receives the information and sets off an alarm which alerts the authorities, either silently or a loud internal warning alarm.

Regardless of how big or small your property is; making sure that all points of entries (not just doors and windows) are secure is a crucial undertaking. Having a reliable, high-quality alarm intruder system is one of the best ways you can protect your property and the people who live and/or work there.

The importance of an intrusion security system

Intruder alarms are now present in a lot of homes, business premises, offices, and other kinds of properties; and for good reason.

  • It satisfies a lot of requirements. Installing an alarm for intrusion security might be required by your insurance or it might be required by context. For instance, if your property is in a high-risk location, always empty, or housing attractive stock; then installing an alarm for intruders is a good investment.
  • Experts argue that properties with effective intruder alarms are roughly three times less likely to be broken into.
  • Burglary is a disturbing trend in many cities and suburban areas. Having a top-notch alarm for intruders can bring back your peace of mind.

Types of itrusion alarm systems

There are different types of Alarm intruder system but their purpose is the same: to detect intruders and set off a warning.

Here are the most common kinds of intruder alarms

  1. Door and Window – The alarm is set off if the sensor detects any unauthorized access through your doors and windows. This type of alarm has two parts – one on the actual doors and windows and the other on the frame.
  2. Motion Sensor – The alarm is set off if the sensor detects movement. The sensor creates a zone, a perimeter that when accessed triggers the alarm system.
  3. Break Glass Detectors – The alarm is set off if the sensor detects the sound of glass breaking. This alarm system has an audio mic that recognizes the frequency of the sound of glass breaking.
  4. Shock Sensor – The alarm is set off if the sensor detects vibration caused by someone breaking in through a door or window.
  5. Safe Alarms – The alarm is set off if the sensor detects unauthorized safe access (I.e.  when a safe is being moved, when a safe is being tampered with, when the safe is being opened by force).

Selecting an intruder alarm security provider

Here we list of the factors you must consider when selecting an intruder alarm provider

  1. Competence and Accreditation – Select a company accredited by the appropriate regulating body.
  2. Reputation and Testimonials – A reputable security systems provider will have a portfolio of past clients and great feedback from customers.
  3. Transparency – A transparent company will provide you with all the details you need to know and answer all your questions.
  4. Insurance Cover – A good company carries sufficient insurance cover.

Security intrusion detection systems are a necessary investment in today’s unpredictable society. Safety is one of the top human requirements and intruder alarms are one of the best and most effective ways you can protect your people and property.

FAQ about intrusion alarm & Detection systems

What does an intrusion detection system do?

A well-designed and competently installed intrusion system is an efficient tool to ensure a safer environment and is used for recognizing any illegal activity, suspicious behavior, an attempt of penetration or property attacks by criminals, and an array of other security incidents. It is a great option for commercial use, as devices for intruders detection can deliver a multitude of impressive benefits for business owners:

  • Adding intrusion alarm devices is a great tactic for deterring and dissuading criminals who strive to harm your valuable assets and, generally, business;
  • Free from risks working environment with enhanced safety is a guaranty for business prosperity and thriving;
  • Knowing that your business, employees, and assets are protected whether you’re away can give an excellent level of peace of mind.

Lots of security companies can develop a tailor-made and customized solution, integrate an intrusion alarm system into the existing strategy, and deliver devices of the highest quality for your commercial protection and to meet your requirements in a capable and cost-effective way. The most sophisticated systems for spotting trespassers and burglars on the market can be mounted on commercial premises or facilities, ensuring guarding of the area and objects 24/7.

What is the best intrusion detection system?

There is a broad range of intrusion systems available on the market with outstanding features. It is of paramount importance to pick a reliable partner who will be capable of developing a customized solution for your most demanding needs and delivering benefits to each client, including constant defense against break-ins, penetration of thefts, property loss and damage. The best security system is a strong deterrent that discourages criminals from action, so a commercial object equipped with sensors, alarms, video surveillance cameras, and other monitoring technologies will less likely become a target for an intruder. In addition, the newest devices are created with mobility and versatility in mind. So it is possible to manage the system remotely.

When should an intrusion alarm & detection system be used?

A comprehensive intrusion system is an imperative component of the overall security strategy to prevent loss and ensure the hassle-free existence and operation of your business. Advanced and multipurpose intrusion devices perform a myriad of useful functions, providing you with a complex solution for unique needs. When it comes to commercial protection, there are

a few crucial recommendations

that may come in handy when strengthening the tactic for your business and help to understand whether an integrated intrusion system will bring high efficiency:

  • Detect all weaknesses of existing security systems;
  • Investigate and verify components that must be upgraded and modernized;
  • Assess your capacity to fight threats and risks.

Thus, once you’ve determined your business security vulnerabilities, take a proactive approach to ensure better protection and invest in a system built for spotting unauthorized entry into or within a commercial object and ensuring immediate response to critical events.

What are the components of an intrusion alarm & detection system?

A system with the task to ensure constant monitoring and efficiently detect unauthorized access to a protected object is a vital commercial security element that each business owner must consider to be sure that any illegal attempt and intrusion episodes will be prevented, the valuable assets, workers, and facilities will be defended, and that business won’t be harmed. Hiring experts for designing and installation of the system, every client must be aware of its components.

Detection devices are the key tools that perform a highly important function. There is an array of devices and sensor’s types, and they are selected based on the objectives and unique characteristics of the object that must be safeguarded. It can be a door or window switch, glass break sensors, a device for measuring movement (motion detector). Alarms and signaling devices are other tools without which no intruder system will properly perform its function. Generally, it is a complex system, and a combination of several solutions will definitely strengthen the existing tactic for commercial protection.

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