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Your single source for commercial fire protection

Your Single Source For Commercial Fire Protection

In the XXI century, materials are developing, becoming more durable and resistant. However, some dangers have not yet been completely dealt with. Fire is one of the biggest hazards for buildings and businesses nowadays. It hurts economically and can also harm your employees and visitors. Protection methods are improving. For example, you can easily protect your properties with modern multifunctional fire alarm systems.

Every business has unique needs, just like every building has its own configuration. A protective mechanism must be constructed individually for every company to be effective. In this guide, you’ll know the basics of choosing alarm systems for business.

Why Your Business Needs Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Fires are unpredictable, and that is why you must be ready for them every minute. A reliable detection mechanism is the best way of prevention. If it reacts timely, you’ll be able to call firefighters and protect people and properties.

Having a particular security system is not only a responsibility of a liable businessman but a legal requirement. Every state has its regulations of fire precautions, and the equipment you install must fit local and regional conditions.

Benefits of Custom Business Fire Alarm Systems

Every business is unique, and hazardous locations differ from one building to another. That is why you cannot just put some sensors and smoke detectors in random places. These detectors cannot be of the same function because heat and smoke reach different places differently. And what type of alert will be suitable? Should it be a loud noise or a call to a fire department? Only experts can answer these questions.

Don’t forget about the difficulties of commercial fire alarm systems installation. Mechanicians can easily damage some existing cables in walls and ceilings if a mechanism is wired. Therefore, to avoid short circuits and breaks, preliminary studies are necessary. It is a guarantee of minimal construction disruption and low installation expenses.

Essential Places for Fire Alarm Systems Installation

Every detail in commercial alarm systems should be custom to be effective. Experts set it correctly by examining premises and detecting places with the highest risk factors. They map walls, floors, and ceilings to determine where wires are concentrated.

Each commercial building is unique, but some locations need to be more protected:

  1. In restaurants and cafes, you should pay extra attention to places with open fire (cooking and bar zones and tables for clients).
  2. Fridges may be at risk too. There are many wired connections, and short circuits are not rare.
  3. At the administrative building, offices should be controlled. A sudden sparkle may lead to large economic issues with many technical devices here.
  4. A zone with a strongbox and many papers is important for commercial security alarm systems and fire alarm systems installation.
  5. If there is a basement, install a smoke detector here for sure. Otherwise, you’ll hear a signal only when the flame spreads.

These are the most important places according to the experience, but there might be local and state requirements. Read them before installing business alarm systems, and make sure your company takes them into account. Because one day, your business must have a fire risk assessment.

Types of Fire Alarm Systems for Commercial Buildings

Despite all fire detecting mechanisms being made of the same parts, they vary significantly. To choose suitable alarm systems for commercial buildings, you should understand how your premises are made, know their size and needs. When you start searching for commercial fire alarm systems installation near me, two following types might be found in every company: conventional and addressable.


There sensors are linked to a controlling panel. When they detect heat or smoke, they send a signal to see the problem zone.

The mechanism consists of:

  • fire and smoke detectors,
  • manual call points,
  • sound signallers,
  • beacons,
  • other supporting hardware.

The biggest part of small business alarm systems works that way. This type lets you detect the zone, but it doesn’t give more detailed information. It suits small shops, delis, or individual offices. It provides you with the most needed function: alarming everyone to escape the building quickly.


If you want to protect a large facility, addressable fire alarm systems for business will help. They are more multifunctional than conventional ones, but installation is more expensive too.

It is a more customizable solution.

  • You can see where the ignition is exactly on an annunciator panel.
  • Detectors have different signal thresholds according to their location.
  • You may add new zones if needed with the help of scalable networks.

Moreover, if the sensor is false, you’ll see which device works in the wrong way. In the process of installations, fitters set a cabling loop at the whole territory. It allows adding new points further easily, with almost no new cabling added. Multi-story offices, crowded restaurants, big retail shops should install these alarm systems.

Maintenance & Monitoring

Detectors can break down, or batteries can run down if you own commercial wireless fire alarm systems. After installation, you should check your detectors at least once in 6 months. It eliminates large breakages and makes small repairs quickly and with a little money spent.

To improve the efficiency of the alarm systems business, you can additionally pay for monitoring by specialists. It involves 24-hours control. Even if you are not in place, or it is a non-working time, they’ll protect your properties and connect firefighters. This function is useful not only to fight against fires but also to keep protected from burglars.

Fire Alarm Systems Design and Installation in Philadelphia

Invision Security Group offers you the installation of commercial alarm systems near me in all areas of Philadelphia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania. We install all types of security hardware and software. All equipment we receive is made by leading companies like Bosch, Honeywell, and Schneider Electric.

Invision company consists of qualified specialists: installers, managers, programmists, technicians. Together, they work on each project and make it individual, ideally working.

Your business will receive a one-stop full-service solution from inspecting the facility to installing detectors from us.

You’ll receive:

  • initial place survey,
  • the whole complex of design & engineering works,
  • software configuration and installation,
  • help with support & maintenance.

Before works start, we can provide you with a free consultation. After installation, we’ll advise you on aftercare and support if something stays unclear. Call or text us now to start developing your custom security plan.

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Invision is a one-stop, full-service electronic security solutions provider for small and large business/organizations.

Turnkey Security Solutions Include:

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  • Design & Engineering
  • Configuration & Installation
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance