Commercial Electronic Door Locks

Thanks to the development and improvement of access control systems, today commercial electronic door locks have become a reliable means of protection for doors of any type and purpose. These devices not only provide a high level of security for the premises, they are more convenient to use. Access to the zone can be controlled using a card, key fob or key, an application on a smartphone, or even remotely via a wireless communication channel.

For the operation of the devices, power supply is required, preferably independent, in order to exclude failures due to power outages. Therefore, most models run on simple batteries. Even in the absence of electricity, the autonomous electronic lock for doors will not lose its functionality, will not open or lock unnecessarily. Most manufacturers offer electronic door lock sets already pre-assembled.

Are modern electronic door lockers reliable?

It is believed that the electronic door lock has two main advantages over the traditional mechanical design. Firstly, this is a much higher level of secrecy and reliability, and, secondly, the possibility of remote opening. The advantages of commercial electronic door locks undoubtedly include the ability to maintain an electronic log of transactions, which allows you to absolutely accurately determine who opened the lock and when.

It should be emphasized that it is almost impossible to crack such locking mechanisms. Even if such a lock is damaged or broken, then after that it will not be possible to open the door itself. The electronic locks will lock and stop functioning.

Benefits of electronic commercial door lock

An electronic lock door is a device, the housing of which contains the mechanical and electronic components necessary for its operation. The undoubted advantage of the electronic door locks is the speed of its opening. To activate the locking mechanism, it is enough to bring the identifier to the device. In addition, all models of electronic locks for front door have the following functionality:

  • Setting the number of access identifiers (for users who have the right to pass through the access point);
  • The ability to customize access time schedules (for example, by days of the week);
  • Assignment of access rights by time;
  • Saving information about events in the device memory.

The term ‘electronic lock’ includes electric locks, coded, solenoid, electromagnetic, invisible, electromechanical, biometric, electrically interlocked locks and other types of locks operating from electricity or related to electronics.

Two types stand out among the main ones:

  • Electronic door lock commercial. The structure has a deadbolt for locking the door, which is driven by an electromagnet or electric motors. Depending on the type of bolt drive, the locks can be motor locks — powered by a built-in motor, or solenoid locks — from an electric current. Special electronic keys are used to open the door. Scope of application: entrance and interior doors in homes, hotels or offices.
  • Electronic magnetic door lock. Consists of an active magnet and a counter plate, no mechanical parts. The principle of operation is to keep the door leaf closed when power is applied. Used in apartment buildings, private premises, gates and garages.

Commercial electronic door locks are designed to protect your properties and values in it, and therefore have maximum protection and reliability. The modern market offers many options. When choosing one or another electronic locker, you should pay attention to its functionality, technical requirements and limitations.

The design of the electronic safety lock is so simple that there is simply nothing to break in it. The lock consists of two parts: the electromagnet itself and the counterpart. In such a design, there are no rubbing parts, which directly affects the service life of the device. Thus, magnetic locks work for at least 10 years.

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