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A proud dad wanted to surprise his daughter on her birthday by visiting her at school during lunchtime. He carefully sneaked through the back door right into the lunchroom, and sure enough, his happy daughter jumped on his neck, expressing her excitement and joy. 

All of a sudden, the young parent realized that it could have been any stranger sneaking into the lunchroom, bringing an utterly different experience to the noisy lunchroom. 

School Security would be noticed, criticized, or praised only during dangerous and critical moments.

The safety and security of the students, faculty, and staff are one of the most critical missions of Invision Security Group today. Now, for over a decade, the Invision team has been providing state of the art security solutions for K-12 Schools.


At Invision Security, we have a wide range of effective commercial security systems, services, and products that can provide the comprehensive security solutions your educational facility needs. Our mission is to make your school a safe haven where students, teachers, and staff can come to each day confident they will be protected by our security camera systems. We will use the most innovative and effective security measures to ensure your school campus is properly protected from unwanted intruders and violent rogue students. Students, faculty, and staff will be free to focus on education while we secure, monitor and protect the premises.

Identifying Vulnerabilities

Our first step is to do an assessment of the school building and its access points to identify places that are vulnerable to intruders. We will also meet with faculty and staff to get a list of their security concerns and what they see as danger zones on the school campus. We will then design systems to properly secure and monitor all access points to the school buildings. We will install security technology equipment to provide coverage and protection to those areas. In this way, we will create systems to ensure that students, faculty, and staff feel safe coming into and leaving the school campus.

Preparedness and being proactive are important keys to preventing crime and violence on any school campus.

Partnering With Faculty And Staff

Keeping any school safe is a team effort. We work closely with faculty and staff to ensure potentially dangerous situations are quickly diffused. We provide basic readiness training and security technology systems that enable faculty and staff to quickly identify and prevent potentially dangerous situations and get the support they need to end the threat quickly. We utilize alert notification systems that allow faculty, staff, and students to efficiently communicate if they see or sense a dangerous situation developing. Our vast experience shows early interdiction is the most effective way to protect schools from violence and crime.

Integrated Security Solutions

Our trusted, well-trained, experienced, security advisors will work with the faculty, staff, and students to create easy to use, integrated security solutions to protect their personal safety and keep threats out of their school. We use video surveillance, regular inspections, emergency communications systems, mass notifications, and a host of other intrusion detection security solutions. We ensure that the entire school campus can be completely monitored at all times. We also regularly test to ensure all fire alarm systems work and faculty, staff, and students know what procedures to follow in case a lockdown of the school campus becomes necessary.

Security Systems And Services

The first line of defense and protection we provide for any school is K-12 security systems and services. As part of our mission to protect the school, we create an infrastructure where an alarm is sounded should an intruder or rogue student attempt to enter the school without permission, threaten violence, disrupt the school environment or endanger faculty, staff or students. With the rise in school security concerns nationwide, our safety methods are designed to provide everyone involved with the peace of mind of knowing highly skilled, experienced, security professionals are doing everything possible to protect them.

Comprehensive Security Solutions

The school safety systems that we area able to put in place are designed to make sure that once a student, faculty or staff member steps on campus, they are in a fully-protected safe haven. Our security expertise enables us to provide everyone on the campus with an unmatched level of protection. This frees them to focus on making the most of the advantages of your resource-rich educational environment. Once students, administrators, and educators know they are safe, they are able to do their best to enjoy all of the benefits of a quality educational experience.

A Unique Perspective

As a women-owned Philadelphia based company, we have a unique perspective on school safety and security. Many members of our team have seen an escalation of safety issues in the communities in which they live impacting their children and the children of people they know and love. This makes the entire staff extremely motivated to design and implement some of the most effective school safety procedures ever devised. We are passionate about school security and it shows in the level of commitment of our entire staff. If you are serious about school safety, let us provide it for you.

Diverse, Versatile, Safety Measures

We have decades of experience providing educational institutions with the highest quality safety and security solutions. Our expertise and success with keeping schools safe has earned us rave reviews from large and small schools all over the country. No matter the size of your student body, staff, or campus, we can devise and deploy the appropriate safety and security measures for your needs. That includes perimeter security solutions, 24-hour video monitoring, video surveillance systems, digital security alarm systems, audio intrusion security alarm systems, access control technology, visitor management platforms, classroom and office panic buttons for teachers, students, and staff and much more.

Safety And Security System Design And Installation for K-12 Schools

One reason we are able to improve the level of protection in the schools we serve is because of the superior design and installation of our safety and security systems. We use the latest technologies and advanced placement techniques to allow the systems we install deliver better results. Our ability to choose the right locations for installing our innovatively designed cameras and alarms is one of the things which enable us to ensure the educational facilities with which we work are safe and secure. Let us show you how we can improve your school’s level of safety and protection.

Preventative Maintenance & Service Plans

Putting safety and security systems for K-12 School places to protect the children and adults on your school campus is only the beginning. To ensure those systems are functioning at optimal effectiveness, we offer a wide array of affordable preventative maintenance and service plans. Through these plans, we regularly check, adjust, and upgrade all the components of the security systems we install. This enhances the quality of the protection your school campus receives. Our staff physically checks each of the audio and visual safety devices and makes any necessary adjustments, repairs, or replacements. This enables us to better protect your school.

Enhanced School Safety

If the safety, security, and protection of your school’s students, faculty, staff, and administrators are of the highest importance to you, give us a call today. K-12 School Security Systems is an important focus of the Invision Security team.

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