The security systems for warehouses can be divided into external and internal. Fires, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, robberies are external threats. Common internal security breaches come more often from the personnel working at the facility. Among them are elementary thefts, sometimes committed by unauthorized persons in collusion with warehouse workers. For this situation, the following principle is true: responsibility for 80% of losses lies with internal sources, and for 20% — with external ones. It is up to the warehouse security to prevent theft.

What security system for warehouses are usually used?

Warehouses are complex structures in which inventory items are stored and warehouse services are provided, therefore, the issue of ensuring security systems for the warehouse is very important.

It is not easy to solve it due to many specific features of warehouses, including:

  • A huge territory on which several structures can be located.
  • The location of warehouses, as a rule, outside the city limits, away from people, etc.
  • The accumulation of a large number of inventory items, which turns the warehouse into a tasty morsel for intruders.
  • Cluttered warehouse area due to the presence of various boxes and boxes, which complicates the detection of an intruder.
  • Constant movement of goods, in connection with which it is not easy to carry out accounting and control of its availability in the warehouse.

In order not to work at a loss, and to go according to the plan, you should adhere to the basic rules of safety and control in the warehouse. Installation of the warehouse security systems will solve these problems.

Security camera system at the warehouse allows you to solve a number of tasks:

  • Remote control of activities in the warehouse.
  • Monitor the activities of personnel.
  • Record visitors, numbers of cars entering and leaving.
  • Monitoring the areas of loading and unloading of goods.
  • Round-the-clock surveillance.
  • Use records in case of controversial issues.

Video surveillance is the first thing that warehouse owners need to take care of, as it will allow them to control the activities and increase the productivity of workers, protect against small thefts by employees, and help find thieves. A best security camera system for a warehouse will provide the necessary evidence in the event of a crime.

If your warehouse is a premises with different access levels, then such a system will become an irreplaceable assistant.

The access control security system for warehouse allows:

  • Control access to certain premises, in accordance with the status of the cardholder.
  • Accounting for the arrival and departure of workers to work places.
  • Monitoring the stay of employees in different locations of the warehouse.

Such a warehouse security system will perfectly complement video surveillance, because if necessary, you will see in the system: who was where, at what time, which will allow you to view the recordings of the required camera, at the right time.

Security alarm systems for warehouses are used to protect the perimeter and internal premises of the complex. It is installed in several areas of the warehouse. Particularly vulnerable are areas where goods are received and loaded, and in internal premises — all door and window openings. Alarm zones are determined based on the layout of the premises and the capabilities of the internal security service.

In vulnerable places, various alarm devices are installed — infrared motion sensors, acoustic glass break sensors, beam sensors. The use of passive infrared systems is common and can sometimes be combined with microwave and ultrasonic technology. Active infrared barriers, internal and external sirens with and without a control panel are used. In large complexes, it is  often recommended to combine a burglar alarm system with a warehouse security camera system.

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