Business Security Cameras in

Business Security Cameras in

Business Security Cameras in PhiladelphiaWhen running a business, it is essential to be able to reduce risks whenever possible. There are many different types of risks that can threaten a company, and being able to identify them and stop them is important. For many companies in Philadelphia and the Tri-State area, using business security cameras is a great way to not only cut out many of these risks, but also enjoy benefits almost immediately upon having them up and running.
Invision Security Group has worked with thousands of different companies in this area to install camera systems and other security services. Over the years, we have heard from many of the business owners that we worked with comment that these systems are actually able to pay for themselves very quickly due to the reduced losses, savings on insurance policies, and other advantages.

Types of Risk Reduction

Installing security cameras at your business can provide many great benefits, including reducing many types of risk. The following are some of the most serious risks that can be reduced by taking advantage of business security cameras:

Theft – When a thief sees a camera present in the area, they are much less likely to try to take something without paying for it. In the event that they do steal, you are more likely to be able to have them arrested by working with the police with the recordings of the incident.
Employee Theft – For many businesses, employee theft is a huge issue. When employees know that they are being recorded, however, they aren’t going to take this risk. Of course, if they do, they can be fired immediately.
Frivolous Lawsuits – In today’s litigious environment it is always a risk that someone will intentionally hurt themselves on your property in order to try to sue. Having recordings of such an attempt can be very valuable should the incident go to court.
Sexual Harassment – Sexual harassment in the workplace can be a big problem. When people know they are being recorded, they are less likely to make unwanted advancements. In addition, the cameras can deter people from making false sexual harassment claims.
Unproductive Employees – If employees aren’t being actively watched, they often don’t work nearly as hard. You can monitor employees from anywhere when you have a business security camera system in place.

On top of these reductions in risk, your business will also likely benefit from a reduced costs for your insurance policies. Insurance companies recognize that having a business security camera system in place can reduce the likelihood of a claim being filed. They will often be able to pass those savings along through reduced premiums.

Philadelphia Security Camera Professionals

We have helped thousands of people get the business security cameras they need. Our team operates in Philadelphia, and throughout the tri-state area, and would be happy to work with you to get the system you need in place. Contact us at 877-933-2288 to set up a consultation with one of our security experts to learn more about all your options today.

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